Where is GEJ's Enugu "international airport"?


enugu airportIn 2010 President Goodluck Jonathan Commissioned Akanu Ibiam (Enugu) International Airport. In his remark during the ceremony, Jonathan said he has always considered himself close to the Igbo because of the circumstances of his birth and education. But today, the Place looks like a Civil war zone. There is nothing

International about it.

Akanu Ibiam International Airport, also known as Enugu Airport, is an airport serving Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State of Nigeria. The airport is named after the late Akanu Ibiam (1906-1995), a Medical Doctor and Statesman who hailed from Afikpo in Ebonyi State.

The airport was closed on February 10, 2010, by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) for the first phase of major renovation and expansion works. The airport was re-opened on 16 December, 2010, but the second and third phase of the construction works remains an ongoing/unfinished project. They promised the airport is being prepared for its new status as international airport.

Okukuwe ibiam wrote today that if pressure is not brought on the authorities to complete what they initiated, we definitely have an eyesore on our hands.

According to him, "the departure hall looks like a refugee station. You can peer through or sit on the Uncompleted windows, enjoy the the dry dusty air wafting in and have a direct physical appreciation of the runway with flights come in and out. Nothing really stops you from jumping through the windows and Hugging the plane, if your arms are long enough.

"You can circumvent customs by going through the departure hall windows straight to your flight, the place begs for mischief.

"The arrival hall looks like it was recently bombed and cleared of debris. Dirt floor! Conveyor belts? wait for the 25th century! You pick your luggage directly from the Tarmac.

"If you are carrying a luggage or multiple luggages, you need helpers to help you push it up the uncompleted cement steps for a fee. and when exiting the arrival hall, you need them to help guide the carriage  down onto a wooden plank and Hold the descending truck or else your luggage will spill on the surroundings, or straight into the waiting reception, who warily step out of your way with your nervous steering and balancing act.

"By the time you pick your luggage up, you'll be as brown as the surrounding dry muddy Enugu landscape. Then you are dusting. Only to see your reception pulling exited luggage towards the car park, with greetings of Chei! Nno! Afuro kwam gi."

Jonathan Commisssions Enugu International Airport (picture) 

When President Goodluck Jonathan approved the assignment and deployment of Mrs. Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi (Anambra), to the Ministry of Aviation, many thought Jonathan appears hell-bent (and rightly so) that the internationalization of  Enugu airport be completed in his regime.

Jonathan promised the Igbos that the upgrade of the airport to an international airport and the extension of its runway are part of the Federal Government’s airport rehabilitation programme, designed to improve the state of infrastructure at the nation’s 21 airports.

Thus they naively believed he reposted an Igbo person to man (or is it woman) the aviation ministry in the belief that if an Igbo is not in charge, it is bye bye to an international airport for Enugu.

How wrong they were!

South Eeast comes last in GEJ's mind, he knows how to massage our ego and walk freely without doing anything concrete; like closing whole markets to honour Ojukwu at death and we are happy!

How many Gigantic projects are going on in SE ? Yet, our people are already endorsing him for 2015!

Welcome to Enugu, Welcome to Biafra, Sorry Nigeria. 

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