Over the issue of tearing of his green card by our amiable and highly respected Noble laureate, but that singular act seem not to have been well-rested …

 The dust seems to have settled over the issue of the tearing of his green card by our amiable and highly respected Noble laureate, but that singular act seem not to have been well-rested in my humble soul, thus, here I am, whining over something that does not concern me. 

For a start, this remains in the realm of allegations since no one saw the tearing of anything as  was in the dramatic nature of OBJ and his PDP card. 

Our white haired uncle has shown that he is a very smart guy knowing full well the possible consequence of toeing the path of OBJ in a possible public tearing of the US green card, especially when you consider that some US citizens are already calling for jail time for anyone caught burning the US flag. 

So by making this so called tearing a secret act, he outsmarted some hawks.

My problem is not about his owning a US green card like Seun or one of the Kuti’s was concerned about, mine is that he actually allegedly carried out the threat! 

I smiled in Swahili when I read the news because of the import of that act. 

My white haired uncle by that act has intentionally or unintentionally, displayed his opposition and probably distaste for other people’s views in the selection of the president of his second country. 

For a man who would have us believe he is a democrat and who as well maintained his position on calling Buhari a dictator up until the very end (only that he had no choice between Buhari and GEJ), this appeared surprising to me.

My smile was not about his choice but the deeper meaning of his going ahead with his pledge in the face of reality. 

The question that came to my mind was: did he have to do it? 

Even if “allegedly” as this has not been confirmed by any pictures whether in the act of tearing or after the tearing, he really shouldn't have. 

Real and powerful men have shown that there is no big deal in going back on one's word when faced with superior argument. 

GEJ for one did show uncommon strength in this regard and was known to go back on policies that the masses judged wrong or insensitive such as the car importation tariff, fuel price increase and so many others. 

These actions were in fact counted for them as strengths and not weaknesses, hence I expected my learned uncle to toe that path and at least find one excuse and mix such with some humour as OBJ would do and douse the taste of the vultures urging him on instead of carrying out an act that will leave him sulking behind closed door.

But all that excuse to save the green card will be necessary if he actually needed the green card. 

For me, his white hair plus green card meant green white green which is the Nigerian flag and homeward bound was the option and only direction in this late age of my uncle's. 

Truth is, he does not need that card anymore and can do without it. 

My uncle is a traditional man and cannot leave out his old age in a white man’s land, otherwise who will attend to his gods at home? 

Or do you not know he has some gods that needs his attention. 

If it were to be other people that do not have the kind of root my uncle has in this land, it would be easy to cry over a spilt green card, but not my uncle.

Truth is that a lot of the folks and by that I mean African Americans my uncle's age that were brought up in Africa to a very adult stage before travelling to America are in dilemma right now, they are wondering whether to continue staying in “obodo Oyibo” or come home and resettle and believe me it’s a tough call. 

One group that I have seen who are able to manage this very well are the university lecturers (to which interestingly my uncle belongs). 

They try to maintain relationship and contact with their peers at home, sometimes coming for conferences in the name of giving back to the society (with the secondary reason of scooping for their retirement and relocation plans) and most finally make the call and relocate, albeit to a less functional university but at least they achieve their desire to be among kith and kin in their very old age. 

I am not sure what I would do if I were in their shoes to be honest, but one thing I believe is that the world is now a global village and people should be able to settle anywhere they find convenient in any part of this world, live, grow and die there and not bother themselves with roots. 

Easier said than done, I hear you say and it is true, it is not easy to do away with friends, much less family and all that,  so we may start to look for a balance.

Anyway am sure, “nothing do” my uncle as he is already a citizen of the world and may not actually need a visa to enter any country given his international standing. 

So just like we are warned of politicians, let’s not make a big deal out of this one.

Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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