Kurt Cobain once said that “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”. The files will be opened andon Uduaghan the records will be dusted. The time is close…

Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It's self-defense. It's patriotism. - Joe Biden

Your Excellency,

Forgive me for not putting your address in this letter. I am sorry. 

I have the addresses of all your houses in Nigeria and abroad (including the ones you bought using fronts), but for lack of knowledge on your current abode, I left the address open. My apologies Sir.

I saw your rebuttal through your media aide, Sunday Areh, where instead of coming out plain to just deny it, you resulted to calling me unfounded names that only exist in your imagination and that of Areh. 

As usual, I laughed it off knowing you to be a man that has no truth in him. 

I still remember vividly well in 2014 when I exclusively reported that you had plans to contest for the Senate after your tenure but you denied it, only to indicate interest later. 

I have lost count of all the words you never kept to, hence was not surprised that you claim not to own the mansion.

Permit me to set the records straight. No one has ever used me or the platform I work for to investigate and report against you and no one will ever do so. 

It is only in your world of existence that I have ‘sponsors’, using me to discredit you. 

As a journalist and a young one that God has given a name, I have a mind of my own to report what is hidden for the good of the public. 

I’m not unaware of your acts of recruiting some internet rats to post irrelevant things about me, but you do know that a million of them cannot stand up to the truth which I represent and will be unveiled till you are prosecuted.

You used the word ‘blackmail’ in your response for reasons only you know. But again, let me educate you Sir. 

NEVER in the past or present have I ever asked you for any money to kill a report and if this is a lie, be proud to tell the world personally or proxies that I Fejiro Oliver of Secret Reporters News demanded from you in cash or kind to let a story go. 

You can still tell the world if I have ever approached you with many mind-blowing documents at my disposal to show you for any financial gratifications. 

You can still also print out our few SMS exchanges for the people to read it and be draw a conclusion if I asked you for cash in exchange of stories. 

This is not peculiar to you alone but any person living or dead. 

Your colleague in Niger State, Babangida Aliyu tried it by framing me up with such but it backfired and I did not only walk out a hero, but went to court to get justice and WON!

I do not deny the fact that our relationship resulted in my Sister In-law going to the prestigious Access Bank training school and finally got a job with them. 

For that, I owe you a debt. But such cannot erase away new revelations on the table that Deltans and Nigerians need to know. 

Such cannot take away the patriotism in me when documents I never saw in years past but now see stop me from opening up how you bled the state to coma under your watch. 

Your Excellency, you drained Delta State without mercy.

I can proudly beat my chest Sir that I have choice lands in some States, not acquired with stolen money but from the job I do as a media consultant. 

I can stand head tall before any anti-corruption agencies that the cars I drive and properties I developed and still developing were acquired not through ‘blackmail’, government contracts or brown envelopes but through credible means with the company paying tax on them. 

Can same be said of you?

I do not need to remind you Your Excellency that you came into government in a kabu-kabu with the smoke coming out capable of taking one’s life. 

Your work as a Medical Doctor was not paying much while married to Anty Roli, whom we knew back then in Sido Street, Warri, but today; you are not just a millionaire but a billionaire. 

You can pretend to those who don’t know your financial worth, but not to persons like me who has spent his resources to get facts and documents detailing how every single kobo that came into the state treasury under your watch was spent and disappeared.

Unlike most of us who struggled and still struggling to make it to the top, you had your palm kernel cracked for you by the gods, with the help of your cousin, James Ibori. 

Your hatred for people getting rich is becoming legendary from your interactions with person and your tricks in splitting persons perceived as combating you jointly is well known. 

Unfortunately, men like me are not bothered by such antics.

I had all the chance in the world to swim in excess wealth in 2014/2015 when you were still a governor, like most of my colleagues that you lavished with state funds. 

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