By the title of the piece, a conclusive matter is that President Buhari has failed to lead Nigeria. The difference between the clueless administration of Goodluck Jonathan and that of Buhari can be likened to differentiating between Calamity and Disaster. I have reached this conclusion based on empirical analysis of the incumbent administration’s policy formulations and implementations.

It is a shame on my part that I have to reach a negative judgment of a government I supported to win election just under two years ago. However, I prefer to limit the shame to a redeemable level than allowing it to translate into concretized horror. Continuing to indulge the government will amount to “dwelling in sin for grace to abound” and that is not acceptable.

The government has failed to fight corruption. It has instead allowed corruption to sleep and wake up in the very abode of the presidency. Allowing corrupt officials embedded in the administration to enjoy their loot while disturbing our ears with stories of recovered or confiscated loots from others is akin to auctioning a monkey to buy a dog. This is tragic!

On the economy, the government failed to listen to wise counsel on how best to move the economy forward. It allowed little men to lay the foundation of its economic policy in its first 6 months in office. The policy on foreign exchange allocation and Treasury Single Account destroyed the economy and moved us straight to recession. No doubt that the Jonathan administration looted the economy dry, but that is now history. Nigerians knew of the failures of the past and voted for PMB.

The failure of government to either devalue or allow a strong Naira has been responsible for the depreciation of the local currency to an abysmal level. The inglorious creation of multiple exchange regimes for allocation of foreign exchange was calamitous and the worse form of corruption ever visited on the Nigerian economy. For those clapping for the obtuse minded economic team, I ask them to tell us if they expected an exchange of N500 to US$1 prior to now.

The economy was in comatose when the government took over in 2015. However, the TSA implementation has ensured we are now in recession. The government failed to use the policy only in identifying floating funds in ministries and agencies. This should not have been for more than 3 months. All over the world, public funds are indirectly used in funding the private sector. The government should reverse the TSA policy to allow the economy to benefit from idle government funds.

Finally, the madness in Kaduna South is a concrete legacy of the Buhari administration. The government appeared helpless while the blood of innocent citizens flooded the streets of Southern Kaduna. The present administration has failed beyond redemption. It should not allow the failure to be catastrophic.

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