Why not show that Aisha Buhari is not different from these women! No, there's world of difference. She’s not cut from the same fabric as Patience Jonathan

I feel very sorry for those who are making a great deal of effort at tainting everyone around the President. 

It's a case of, "We are filthy and rotten, we must wrestle you till some of our filth rub off on you." If it doesn't fit, it won't stick!

They started with President Buhari himself. Lies upon lies where cooked up about his person. How, years ago, he misappropriated funds while serving at the Petroleum Trust Fund. 

That fell on its face. Flat on its face. Years ago, it was thoroughly investigated and found to be untrue. TOTALLY UNTRUE.

They moved on to President Muhammadu Buhari's religion. 

They have mapped out the plan of how President Buhari planned to Islamise Nigeria, just that he was not part of the arrangement. 

Only those with no common sense and some mischievous intents believe the trash.

It did not matter that Ex-President Jonathan was a regular at the meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Conference and benefitted financially from the Islamic organisation, while making policy statements in churches. 

Nigeria is a nation and has no religion. Only individuals have religious leanings. 

If it's difficult or even impossible for a Christian to be convinced to abandon his or her Christian Denomination for another Christian denomination, how can President Buhari convince Christians to all become Moslems? 

Only those who have poached eggs for brains would believe and parade such utter nonsense. 

After they failed woefully to cast aspersions on, and taint the Buhari-led war on corruption, they went back to the drawing board where it was decided, "If we can't pin anything on the eagle, let's smear the eaglets with tar." 

We haven't forgotten how Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti,  frustrated by the exposure of the massive electoral fraud that brought him to power, targeted the Wife of the President for a smear campaign. 

After all, President Buhari is fighting corruption and should now charge his wife to prove his anti-corruption stance. 

Even on completely false and cooked up allegations? 

It didn't stick as the lies were promptly exposed to have been fraudulently concocted by the serial electoral fraudster. 

APC leaders, Chief Bola Tinubu and Gov Rotimi Amaechi are their favourite floor mops. 

These leaders who were not born in 2015, suddenly became criminals in that year because of their closeness to President Buhari. But so far, they have hit brick walls with these respectable APC leaders. 

So they turned their attention to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr. Babachir David Lawal. 

Also in their radar are the Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Magu, the Comptroller General of Customs and Excise, Rtd. Col. Hammed Ali, the Attorney General of the Federation, and other principal officers of the Pres. Buhari-led government. 

They are now back again to the wife of the President. 

When I first saw the allegations of Mrs. Buhari's wrongdoing with the British High commission, I knew it could not be further from the truth. 

The timely rebuttal by Mrs Buhari's Media Aide, Adebisi Ajayi, made it crystal clear the allegations were nothing but the continued attacks on those around the President. 

It was a clear case of, "Get the eaglets if you can't catch the eagle."

Mrs. Patience Jonathan, who paraded herself as an unconstitutional First Lady and her husband’s favourite Staff, Mrs Diezani Madueke, are both in the news for all the wrong reasons. 

They are competing for the crown of the Queen of Corruption, in the forfeiture of cash and properties, under the supervision of Mallam Ibrahim Magu's EFCC. 

So their thinking is, why not show that Mrs Aisha Buhari is not different from these women! No, there's a world of difference. 

Aisha Buhari is not cut from the same fabric as Patience Jonathan and Diezani Madueke. She is a different breed. 

You see, Aisha Buhari is a ray of sunshine in many respects. For starters, she's a thorough-bred. She knows and stands on the constitution as a law-abiding citizen of our great nation. 

She said it herself that there's no provision for the office of the First Lady in our constitution.

She is quite happy and pleased to be simply addressed as who she is, "The Wife of the President". And why not? 

Her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari is a globally acclaimed incorruptible man of integrity the corrupt love to hate! 

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