The fact that there are no governmental provisions for the Wife of the President has not stopped Mrs. Buhari from making giant strides in humanitarian works in our nation. 

Her eyes are open, watching like an eagle, for areas she could bring relief, even in a small way, to the less privileged in our nation. 

Her ears are open to the cries of the suffering ones among us. 

And she does not just draw attention to the plight of the ones suffering, she mobilises materials and medical services needed to alleviate the pains and anguish of these Nigerians. 

Her hands are extended to those in anguish. 

At the commemoration of the second year in captivity of the Chibok girls, Mrs. Buhari hosted representatives of the abducted Chibok girls' parents and the parents of the massacred Buni Yadi boys. 

She launched a textbook, an academic textbook she had written and pledged the entire proceeds to both sets of parents. 

It was a magnanimous gesture on her part, not only because this was her first book but that the parents were getting the compassion they deserved and it was Aisha Buhari, the wife of their President, that extended that compassion to them.

She is continually in troubled spots, bringing the much needed support to people, especially women and children. 

She is somehow obsessed with bringing healthcare closer to pregnant women and nursing mothers aiming to reduce the risks, associated with those in such conditions. 

She is supporting and equipping children in the troubled North East to return to school after years of being away from formal education. 

I hate to do a comparison between Mrs Buhari and Mrs Jonathan. Mrs Jonathan is not an epitome of womanhood. 

We are not even sure how she acquired a knack for alleged looting. 

Patience Jonathan is a woman who joined her husband and his more than forty thieves in the looting of the nation's treasury, firmly placing millions of Nigerian families below the poverty line. 

So how can anyone try to bring our Queen of hearts to the level of those who are suffering the consequences of their actions?

Apart from being male, there is also no common grounds between Pres. Buhari and Ex-Pres. Jonathan. 

While the ex-president was docile, president Buhari is alive to his responsibilities and has the will to charge anyone found wanting. 

But to think that the President would act on gossips, lies, fabrications and innuendos is to live in Jonathan's era.

Anyone in authority under the watchful eyes of Pres. Buhari who crosses the line of corruption should be exposed and punished. But to frame innocent individuals with falsified documents and stories, aimed at tainting, embarrassing and humiliating them, is unjust, unfair, uncharitable and condemnable. Dressing Mrs. Buhari in Mrs. Jonathan's robe is an effort in futility. It won't fit. Let's get out facts straight. 

Lauretta Onochie; @Laurestar your social media marketing partner