Elombah.com received a message from Malaysian lady alleging that Chibuzo Ohagwa is going round Malaysia perpetrating love scam, 419, murder, kidnap

Elombah.com received the following message from a Malaysian lady, Ms. James Janet [pictured below]. 

The lady alleged that a certain Nigerian, Chibuzo Christian Ohagwa is going round Malaysia scamming anyone that comes his way, ranging from love scam to 419, murder, even kidnap.


Elombah.com received a message from this Malaysian lady alleging that Chibuzo Ohagwa is going round Malaysia perpetrating love scam, 419, murder, kidnapHere is Malaysia monster, scammer (419) murderer, kidnapper.

1. Chibuzo Christian Ohagwa with passport No: A02598265 has destroy many lives through his scamming business. 

Evidence: these are phone numbers of the women he scammed through his fake online courier service (nationwide courier) and fake online bank.

Courier service phone number: +6016-739-1672. 

He pretends to be a female banker (Ms. Paya) 

These are phone numbers of those women he has scammed; we just put few numbers here for confirmation. 

In case anybody want to know if this story is true called them and ask them about Ms. Paya. 

+8869-090-41930 +822103-7429-758 +6593-855066 +821028-547786 +60164-572-560. 

2. He scammed Olympia college and ran to Nigeria, for confirmation call Olympia College KL (+03-2050-3688).

Tell them that you want to speak school with accountant or (Ms Jaya she is India lady that is handling this Chibuzo’s scam case at Olympia College KL).

Just give them Chibuzo’s name and passport number, pretend to be his brother, then ask them to give you his details. 

Olympia college management is looking for him and they have done police report against him. 

3. Chibuzo Kidnapped a guy they did business with and this guy paid him 3 million naira in his Nigeria account before they release him. 

4. Chibuzo took his friends (Ben And Henry) pictures to native [doctor] so that the native doctor will make them run mad and so to frustrate their lives because of money issue. 

5. In 2014 Chibuzo scammed Angela, a Chinese lady from Singapore.

He ran to Nigeria when Malaysia police were looking for him , he stayed for 6 months and later came back to Malaysia. 

Angela is dead; Malaysia police has reopen her case and they are looking for this monster called Chibuzo. 

6. This is Chibuzo’s account details. 

- Account name: Ohagwa Chibuzo Christian Bank name: 

- First bank Account no: 3010-474-265 

He also put some of his money in his mother’s account (Ohagwa Caroline) in First bank.

Third account is the joint account which his mother has with his late father Mr. Festus Ohagwa. 

7. His 2 brothers in Malaysia should ask him what he did with [their] destiny.

Chibuzo took some of their clothes to Enugu-Ezike in Nsukka on 2014 when he was in Nigeria. 

Chinonso and Promise will never establish in life until Chibuzo goes and undoes what he did with their clothes. 

This is a true story and this monster must be stopped. 

Attached here is his international passport data page, his picture, acknowledgement receipts from Nigeria embassy Malaysia, offer letter and receipt of payment from Nigeria embassy for his new international passport.

By James Janet


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