Thank God for Farida Waziri

If not for the genius a.k.a. Farida Waziri, where would Nigeria be in this era where Transparency and Accountability is now the watchword in governance? When Investors would sieve through your books before committing their hard earned dollars.

In the golden days of Yar’Adua, unto us a child is born, unto us a daughter is given: and the government shall be upon her shoulder: and her name shall be called Wonderful achiever, anti-corruption fighter, The Princess of Peace.

Is it me or have anyone else noticed the deafening silence from Nigeria especially in the area of corruption and fraud scandals? No more scandals, no more arrests, no more prosecution.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you

Even Saharareporters is silent these days! Gone are the days when they used to disturb us with all those rubbish about Andy Ubah caught with 100,000 dollars cash aboard a presidential aircraft; what an embarrassment to Nigeria’s image and his eminence, the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces plus his sovereign immunity.

Who tipped of the American Security Services if not Nigerians suffering from the most advanced acute bad belle?

Have anyone imagined the cost to our reputation of a Nigerian governor, despite the sovereign immunity and all the appurtenances of power attached to him being arrested and handcuffed at Heathrow Airport? What sacrilege!

Yes! Gone are the days of our addiction to internet websites: Saharareporters, Nigeria Village Square, pointblanknews; itchy fingers ever ready to hit the keyboard and rove the mouse in search of the latest scandal and breaking news! What? Are you Schadenfreude or Mudita? Why must you derive joy in the suffering of others?

Finally, her eminence, Farida Waziri has arrived and everywhere is dead quiet. Who says women are not better managers?

Open the gates to all who are righteous; allow the faithful to enter.

Unlike Ribadu who humbles the proud and brings the arrogant men to the dust and their fortunes come crashing down! Waziri tramples the poor and the oppressed underfoot.

But to talk true, I agree with Farida Waziri, instead of wasting precious time fighting invisible “corrupt governors”, why not go after chairmen of parastatals, and the head of UBE, the chairman of REA, the MD of Transcorp, the chairman of a house committee, especially when he gets as nosy as Elumelu?

Overlook the Ministers, the governors, the Senators; why bother about high profile cases that will attract press attention and tarnish the new sparkling image of Nigeria- especially these days when madam Iron Lady has Rebranded Nigeria.

Come to think of it, all the big wigs arrested and humiliated by Ribadu, where are they now; Nnamani, Orji Kalu, Ibori, Dariye, Alamaseigha, not only are they as free as air but they are now more powerful politicians. Even ex-IGP Balogun is demanding a return of his seized properties. Very soon he will start campaigning to be a senator, ala Senator Omisore.

…and where is Ribadu?

Yes, where is that arrogant Obasanjo’s attack dog? Cast as far off as possible- away to the dreary and boring Oxford: or maybe currently living in the United States and wanted in Nigeria for trial over alleged failure to declare assets while in office, In exile – from where his angst and jealousy at those that made it from grass to grace, from their own sweat would take a breather. Can you imagine the embarrassment this attack dog caused us?

Unlike Ribadu and his selective justice, where Waziri is, those who are unrighteous, the path is not steep and rough. She is a woman of justice, and she smoothes out the road ahead of them.

And what does the heavenly one say: “THE Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs. Farida Waziri, on Monday, disclosed that evidence available showed that the commission, under its former chairman, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, was used as political weapon against perceived enemies of former President Olusegun Obasanjo”.

Your kindness to the wicked does make them do well. They avoid doing wrong and take notice of the Lord’s majesty.

Waziri said the commission, under her leadership, would break the link between tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing, adding that the commission had put up preventive mechanism for economic crimes.

In that way you not only avoid but eliminate Mallam Ribadu’s lapses, e.g.; weak administrative structures, absence of career path for officers, haphazard administration and investigation, non-compliance with the rule of law as well as human rights abuses and political interference, she said.

LORD, you will grant us peace, for all we have accomplished is really from you.

It is necessary to admit that in its formative years, the criticisms that had trailed the commission have been that that it is political tool of the presidency and is arbitrary and selective in its investigations,” she said. 

What do you expect to hear? Who wants to wallow in exile? Away from the owambe parties, the dining and wining around Abuja Hall of Fame!

But come, come; why should we wash our dirty linen in public? Is Nigeria the most corrupt country on earth? What is our position in the Transparency corruption index? Who says corruption- if indeed they are corrupt- is a hindrance to development? Are we more corrupt that Russia, Mexico, Philippines, Iran, Bangladesh, Cameroon…etc, etc…go check!

Why then should Ribadu make the Metropolitan Police out to be heroes? In fact, who or what gave an ordinary London police officer the temerity, the impetus and the audacity to arrest and handcuff Joshua Dariye, the governor of a Sovereign State, equal in status to the Scotland first minister? Or the Commander General of the Ijaw Nation who has just gone for the ordinary medical check-up which Ribadu in his over-zealousness termed tummy-tuck! Don’t they have no fear, no respect?

Thank God for Farida Waziri, those days are over, corruption has been banished; no news of corruption, no prosecution, hear no evil-see no evil. Everywhere is silence, stand up! The grand queen is here!

Rather than the selective prosecution that was the hallmark of Ribadu, Waziri panacea was simple; blanket immunity. Farida Waziri has abolished corruption that is why there is golden silence all round:

Those we served before are dead and gone. Never again will they return! You attacked them and destroyed them, and they are long forgotten.

In her days, the righteous one will sprout, and the abundance of silence until the moon is no more. In that day, everyone in the land of Judah will sing this song: Our city is now strong! We are surrounded by the walls of God’s salvation.