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Ohanaeze Ndigbo Under Nwodo lost Relevance to Ipob and Massob ,betrayed Igbos and Southeast Governors,a toothless Bulldog: Ohanaeze Youths.


Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide had described the apex igbo Socio Cultural organization under the outgoing President General, Nnia Nwodo as a toothless Bull Dog, diverted from the original Visions and Missions of Her Founding fathers.

Igbos were full of hopes on the emergence of an orator (Nwodo)whose deceptive approach to issues disarmed igbo leaders to got him elected as the leader of the apex igbo body,in January 2017 ,Unfortunately,Atiku Abubakar hijacked Nwodo, as the first assignment he performed as then President General Ohanaeze Ndigbo was his unannounced Closed door Visit With Atiku Abubakar in Abuja in February 2017,subsequently Ohanaeze Ndigbo was seen to have derailed from her fundamental duties of protecting collective interests and rights of Igbos as enshrined in her Constitution through collaborative efforts of her organs (NEC,Ime obi and General Assembly),and Wings,but Nwodo’s Rogue Operations manifested itself as he facilitated the emergence of Atiku Running Mate without any input or Consultative meetings with PDP Igbo Governors and others, subsequently he masterminded and Engineered the plot to pitch Igbo Governors and Ministers against President Muhammadu Buhari, by adopting Atiku Abubakar as Igbos Choice, on the same day Buhari Commissioned Zik’s Maseloum in Onitsha,this was a well Scripted, Calculated but mischievous attack on Igbos Governors and Ministers, which Coincidentally threatened the re-election bids of three Southeast Governors in 2019 and with evil intent, He further wreaked havoc on the Governors,as he carefully publicized a private telephone Conversation between him and a Governor in the National dailies,as he alleged that the Governor called his actions against President Buhari as” Idiotic “.

OYC had applauded the patriotic roles and pragmatic approach of igbo Statesmen to salvage Ohanaeze Ndigbo from the level it had descended into as” a Mere toothless Bull Dog and Paper Tiger “, as Posterity will be kind to all the Igbo leaders who legitimately registered Ohanaeze Ndigbo in CAC and ended the cancerous era of Nwodo.

History will be kind to,all Former President Generals Of Ohanaeze Ndigbo since her inception, for their Patriotic roles played in accordance with the laid down Visions and missions of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Founding fathers, like Chief Z.K Obi, Ezeogo Francis Akanu ibiam,Ezeogo Anagh Ezikpe,Pa Onyenso Nwachukwu, Sam Mbakwe, Francis Ellah, Jaja Wachuku etc, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Pioneer President General, Justice Ezebuilo Ozobu brought integrity and Discipline into Ohanaeze Ndigbo through his all inclusive Government,afterwards Prof Joe Irukwu as President General, will be remembered as the Man who erected edifices in Ohanaeze Ndigbo National Secretariat Enugu, Dr Dozie Ikedife brought Honour through inculcation of all Groups including biafra agitators into Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Amb Raph Uwechue as President General, ended the insinuations if Anioma in delta State are Core Igbos, and he personally funded Ohanaeze Ndigbo to end over dependancy on politicians and Made the Apex igbo body Financially independent, Chief Gary Igariwey even as the Youngest President General, without home Support, democratized Ohanaeze Ndigbo, through Succesful Youth and Women Wings elections, built a modern Secretariat through Rochas Okorocha, started the process of registration of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in CAC, one significant phenomenon was that all these President Generals Organized Igbo Day Celebrations every September 29th since year 2000 till 2016, there was regular Well Constituted and Attended Ime Obi and General Assembly meetings until 2017 in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Secretariat Enugu.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo lost relevance to ipob and Massob immediately Nwodo assumed office in 2017,as Ohanaeze was bereft of ideas and programmes and projects except numerous press Releases to advance Atiku’s Restructuring campaign bid,Which reduce the apex igbo Socio Cultural organization as a political tool to hawk for political Endorsements, Igbos tactically withdrew their support, lost Confidence in Nwodo’s Ohanaeze, subsequently Ohanaeze Ndigbo became irrelevant and insensitive towards myriad of Insecurity challenges facing the Igbos, as Ipob and Massob popularity soared through their visible programmes in the absence of any Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities, except the ones initiated by Ohanaeze Youths.

As igbo leaders had Salvaged Ohanaeze Ndigbo and restored the Confidence Igbos through Partnership with Governors, a new President General Ohanaeze Ndigbo from Enugu as Nwodo’s replacement to complete Enugu’s Tenure In line with established Zoning Principles of Ohanaeze Constitution, will be announced shortly after Consultative meetings ends this Weekend 24th May 2020.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
President General
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide

Mazi Okwu Nnabuike
Secretary General
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide.

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