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14 Quotes From Peter Obi’s Town Hall Meeting In Benin

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

(1) “Government has to be demand driven not supply driven ” -Peter Obi

(2) “The election isn’t about Atiku and Buhari but about the future of Nigeria and Nigerians ”

(3) “Nigeria presently is stressed, collapsing by the day, never mind the lies from the APC, Insecurity is on the increase ”

(4) “Nigeria dropped from 7th to 3rd on the terrorism index, we are just behind Iraq ”

(5) “Nigeria now has the highest number of poor people in the world and according to World bank they said Nigeria will remain in that position this year ”

(6) Nigeria now has 13.5 million “out of school children”, the highest number in the world

(8) “40℅ of our youths are either unemployed or underemployed, in 2015 our unemployment rate was at 13℅ today it is 23℅ with over 20 million youths doing nothing ”

(9) ‘In 2008, the government of Obasanjo cleared our debts by paying N18.2billion, in December 2018, our debts have risen to N22.7Billion, why borrow, where are the capital projects? ”

(10) “APC has borrowed in 3 years what PDP couldn’t borrow in 16 years ”

(11) “The highest number of youths crossing the Mediterranean sea because of lack of opportunities are from Nigeria, when Buhari was asked about this, he only said they are in their own”

(12) “It’s not about stories, they (APC) should show Nigerians their scorecard, they promised to reduce prices of fuel from N86 to N40, today it is N145. They also promised to pay N5,000 to our unemployed youths and take the value of Naira to Dollar from then N185 to N1, how many of these promises have been fulfilled today?”

(12) “Fuel subsidy is payment for inefficiency”

(13) “No Nation has ever solved her insecurity issues without providing jobs for her citizens and you can’t provide jobs without energizing the economy ”

(14) “Ours will be a government that will tackle insecurity through new economic growth plan that will provide jobs for Nigerians. Nigeria will work again ”

Interactive Session Between H. E Peter Obi, Professional bodies, CSOs and Business Community, Held Today At Benin City (24th January, 2019)




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