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2016 Internally Generated Revenue by Geopolitical Region

2016 Internally Generated Revenue by Geopolitical Region

1) South-West: N404 Billion

2) South-South: N198 Billion

3) North-West: N69 Billion

4) North-Central: N54 Billion

5) South-East: N49 Billion

6) North-East: N29 Billion



Lagos: 302,425,091,964

Ogun: 72,983,120,003

Oyo: 18,879,084,132

Osun: 8,884,756,040

Ondo: 8,684,406,573

Ekiti: 2,991,041,855

Total: 414,847,500,567


Rivers: 85,287,038,971

Delta: 44,057,915,472

Edo: 23,041,425,599

Akwaibom: 23,269,750,752

C/river: 14,776,808,331

Bayelsa: 7,905,458,280

Total: 198,338,397,405


Kwara: 17,253,829,559

Kogi: 9,569,124,487

Benue: 9,556,495,064

Plateau: 9,191,372,277

Nassarawa: 3,402,616,062

Niger: 5,881,584,409

Total: 54,855,021,858


Kano: 30,959,027,531

Kaduna: 17,051,864,537

Zamfara: 4,777,169,537

Sokoto: 4,545,765,527

Katsina: 5,545,900,833

Jigawa: 3,535,349,908

Kebbi: 3,132,343,261

Total: 69,547,421,134


Enugu: 14,235,512,227

Abia: 12,694,839,539

Imo: 5,871,026,976

Ebonyi: 2,342,092,225

Anambra: 14,791,175,253

Total: 49,934,646,220


Bauchi: 8,677,265,878

Adamawa: 5,788,979,592

Gombe: 2,941,438,110

Yobe: 3,240,867,567

Borno: 2,675,723,063

Taraba: 5,895,538,974

Above data however failed to show the personal income component, rent on land and development, also, taxes paid and payable by corporate bodies, taxes arising and supported by certain economic infrastructure, clusters of high end economic activities…..This is a more helpful analysis than just figures!

The primary issue here is that companies pay to the federal government majority of the taxes. The only major tax that states collect is PAYE. And that contributes over 80% of Lagos and Ogun taxes. Remove PAYE and most of the states are same.

The SE cannot do better than this because they don’t have enough companies to pay PAYE or enough institutions that the workers do PAYE

The data also illustrates the dearth of tax paying FG or multi-national companies in the SE states.

Ogbuefi Ndigbo

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