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2019 Election Boycott: Biafrans aren’t you sick and tired of being killed and treated as slaves in Nigeria

By C. K. Ekeke

Since the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by the indomitable and incorruptible Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and deputized by the trusted and courageous Mazi Uche Mefor announced that a referendum for a sovereign state of Biafra will be a ‘sit-at-home’ on the same day that Nigerian presidential election will hold, the Nigerian government has intensified efforts to scuttle it. They have unleashed all manner of attacks including clamp down of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) members who are evangelizing their communities.

IPOB leadership deployed the ‘sit-at-home’ strategy because Biafran youths were being massacred during peaceful protests by the Nigerian military. The last two sit-at-home’ were massive and successful and Nigerian government felt the impact.

And so realizing what 80% to 90% sit-at-home in Biafra land will mean for Nigerian presidential election with many foreign groups on the ground to watch and monitor the elections, the APC government led by Buhari imposer and his backers have tasked the army to clamp down on IPOB.

On February 4th, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai, while addressing a group of army officers in Abuja decried the activities of IPOB and other splinter groups to disrupt the forthcoming presidential election. He, therefore urged his Fulani terrorist soldiers to clamp down on activities of IPOB.

Since then, the Fulani Army Chief has unleashed his military arsenal on the former Eastern region (SE/SS), clamping down young Biafran youths, including arrests, torture and even killings of IPOB members who are spreading the message of freedom in their communities.

While Boko haram, ISIS and Fulani terrorists are taking over many communities in Middle Belt and Borno State, the Army Chief and Fulani Caliphate are unleashing their inherent hatred upon a people who are unarmed and peacefully asking for their freedom from marginalization, injustice, oppression and islamization agenda.

Also, on February 5th, another Fulani tyrant and terrorist, the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, while speaking on NTA’s Tuesday Live program, threatened that Nigerian forces will kill foreign officials who intervene in the country’s election matters.

He said, “Those that are calling for anyone to come and intervene in Nigeria, we are waiting for the person that would come and intervene, they would go back in body bags.”

Since this miniature Fulani governor who claims to be an intellectual made such idiotic statement, the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union have cautioned and warned on the consequences of such reckless statements.

Additionally, the government of the United States of America has banned the jihadist governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-Rufai from entering the country.

Other foreign groups are also considering legal action against the Fulani terrorist governor.

The ‘clamp down’ urged by Buratai and ‘body bags’ made by El-Rufai are both reckless, idiotic and cowardly statements. I do not see how a people who prefer not to vote but ‘sit-at-home’ will constitute disruption of the Nigerian election. Additionally, I do not understand how foreign groups coming to monitor Nigerian election are going to intervene in the election. After all, these foreign nationals have always been invited to watch and monitor Nigerian elections.

Because of the reckless statement made by El-Rufai, the ex-president of the United States – Bill Clinton has cancelled his proposed visit to Nigeria on February 15th – even though he was going to support the imposter masquerading as Buhari who gave his wife’s campaign organization $10 million during the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

In fact, it is a blessing for Biafrans that Mrs. Clinton did not win the U.S. presidential election in 2016. It is also a good thing that Mr. Clinton has canceled his visit because already, APC have already started celebrating his visit as a big boast to Buhari second term presidential bid.

Election boycott is an old form of protest that has been employed by many groups and nation states to free themselves from oppression and subjugation. Throughout human history, such protests have been employed to pursue freedom.

In the 16th and 17th centuries witnessed an astonishing moments in the history of human race as nations battled for freedom from some of the empires like Babylon, Rome, Ottoman, Greece, etc., that conquered and ruled them with iron hand because of they had the power and strength.

In the 18th century, the French revolution sparked numerous violent revolts and protests by the commoners and peasants against the corrupt political and social structures of the Western nations and around the world then.

In the 20th century, human race also witnessed numerous protests, revolutions and wars — the partition and sharing of Africa by the French, British, Portuguese, Arabs, and Africa fight for Independence from her colonial masters. Several world wars and civil wars led to conquest and collapse of empires and tyrannical regimes and despotic rulers such as the fall of Adolf Hitler of Germany, Mussolini of Italy, Idi Amin of Uganda and the collapse of the communist Soviet Union and the rise of America as the main super power today.

The United States of America were once under the colonial rule of England. In 1770, many Colonists including women and children began to protest against British control in order to be free from England.
In 1774, while the Colonists were preparing for revolution, one of their leaders, Thomas Jefferson wrote an important document called the “Declaration of Independence.”

In a nutshell, the Declaration stated “all men are created equal,” and that everyone has “the right to life, liberty and happiness.”

Human freedom and independence are highly cherished in the United States of America and most of the Western nations.

Because of the inherent desire to be free, throughout human history, people and nations have paid the ultimate price fighting for such freedoms and for their liberties. Millions have died fighting for freedom and in pursuit of justice. Nearly all wars that have been waged between peoples and nations have been for quest for freedom.

The Holy Scripture teaches that Man was born free. Our Creator Jehovah God did not make Man to be a robot. Mankind was created to be free — and given the ability to make choices including the choice of whom to worship. The same Scared Book also teaches that Jesus Christ was born into this world to free people from the bondages of self, sin, and slavery.

The Apostle Paul writes, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery” – Galatians 5:1.

In Second Corinthians 3:17, he added this statement: “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Freedom is one of the central themes of the Bible and the most important value proposition of the Christian faith. Freedom is the essence of Christianity and it is what distinguishes it from all other religions on the planet.

Samuel Bowles, Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, said “the cause of freedom is the cause of God.”

Thomas Jefferson who wrote the “Declaration of Independence,” once said, “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.”

Therefore, freedom, liberty, and justice are the very nature and essence of who we are as human beings and as creation of God.

And because of this innate nature of mankind to be free, human beings have always fought with all their might to be free.

And so, Biafra’s case cannot be different. We must boycott any further elections in Biafra land and fight with all of our might to free our people and land from the bondage of Nigeria. Nigeria is a hell and we must do whatever it takes to extricate our people and land from that hell.

If the boycott of 16th of February is a huge success, IPOB leadership will have to take control of the land of Biafra. IPOB can immediately setup government at home or in exile and push for global powers to recognize her as a sovereign nation.

I cannot comprehend why those who want to be known as Nigerians do not understand that Biafrans are not Nigerians. Biafrans are different people – culturally, socially, religiously, politically and economically.

Why do Nigerians want Biafra to continue to be part of them? This is a people group that you passionately and fiercely hate and for over 100 years since amalgamation, have killed and massacred them in their millions.

During the civil war, you massacred about 3.5 million Biafrans – starving nearly 2 million children by not allowing food relief into Biafra land. You destroyed everything they had – their lives, land, properties, and businesses and took over their God endowed natural resources. After the war, you gave each Biafran family only 20 pounds – no matter the size of the family to start life anew.

You removed history from the schools so that the new generation of Biafrans and Nigerians alike will not learn their history. You destroyed Biafra identity, unity and love that existed amongst various tribes that make up Biafra nation.

In fact, Nigeria – you are evil and wicked and for that you and your supporters and collaborators are cursed.

But you did not know that God will raise a new generation of Biafrans who grow up to free their people and land from marginalization, oppression and subjugation and exploitation of the abundant natural resources that God has endowed them with. And now that generation of Biafrans are seeking self-determination from a country that has never accepted them as part of the nation but continue to oppress, marginalize and massacre them like chickens.

In 1914, nearly 250 ethnic groups were forcefully coerced to form a country, which Frederick Lord Lugard – a British soldier, mercenary, explorer of Africa and his girlfriend Flora Shaw called the abominable union Nigeria. Since that satanic amalgamation and mixture of these various ethnic groups with vast differences of language, cultural values, belief, religion, social norms and political ideology, it has not worked.

From that time till date, the Hausa-Fulani Caliphate, Yoruba Oligarchy and their colonial master, Britain have continued to kill you, divide you, and exploit the natural resources in your land. From 1966 to1970, they committed pogrom and genocide massacring over 3.5 million of you and starving nearly 2 million Biafran children.

From 1993 – 1999 during the brutal military dictatorship of another Fulani Sani Abacha, thousands of Ogni people were massacred including Ogni foremost environmental intellectual – Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Ogonis were killed. Today, Ogni land – a land flowing with pure crude oil is an eye-sore.

In 1999, another ex-military dictator Olusegun Obasanjo who was chosen by America and Britain to be President during Nigeria’s return to civilian government presided over the total destruction and annihilation of the people of Odi – Ijaw in Bayelsa State, massacring thousands while thousands flee into Cameroon and other neighboring African countries. The massacre was ordered by Olusegun Obasanjo and his vice president then – another Fulani Atiku Abubakar, who is today running to be your president – who is not even a Nigerian but Cameroonian from recent revelation by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Today, since another the ex-dictator and Fulani jihadist Muhammadu Buhari was imposed on the country as president by Obama and Cameron nearly four years now, he has presided over the massacre of thousands Christians especially Biafran people and displaced millions in the Middle Belt and former Eastern region of the country. He has killed hundreds of Biafran youths who were peacefully protesting at Nkpo, Onitsha, Aba, Port Harcourt – not to mention the invasion and massacre of Biafran youths in the royal residence of IPOB leader at Umuahia in the name of python dance 2.

In addition to their killings and massacre, you are being rendered useless through their systemic exploitation, marginalization, political oppression, economic strangulation and most importantly using their military forces comprising of the Nigerian Army, Police, Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, and other means to humiliate, oppress, and torture you.

Today, Fulani herdsmen can easily come into your farms to feed their cattle and cow and if you complain, you will be butchered instantly.

Now to my Biafra people, I ask you, how long are you going to continue to be killed in Nigeria by these uncircumcised and illiterate Fulani folks? Aren’t you sick and tired of being killed in the Islamic sharia republic of Nigeria? How long are you going to stay in this bondage of one-Nigeria that does not exist and will never be?

What is wrong with some of you – especially Igbo Biafrans? Can’t you think? Can’t see all the signs on the horizon? Can’t you read and study the history of radical Islam and Fulani warriors. Why do you want to be put in perpetual bondage, or killed, or Islamized in your father’s land? What is wrong with you Biafrans and all these saboteurs rearing their heads – including the Niger Delta militant and Muslim fraud called Asiri Dokuo.

How can you be an obstacle to your freedom of your people and land? How can you be so selfish and stupid that you do not see what’s coming. How can your small business investment in Yoruba land or North be a hindrance to your freedom and freedom of your people and land? Are you so myopic, selfish and stupid enough that you can’t imagine the future and potential of Biafra?

I have always said that the quest and revolution to free Biafra land must begin at home. These Igbo saboteurs, efulefus and traitors must be banished from the land. They must be chased away. How can they be so stupid and self-cantered that they do not care for their people, land and the unborn? Don’t they see the suffering, pain and misery in the land today?

I weep each time I see the dilapidated environment in Biafra land – upland and riverine areas. It is saddening and infuriating.

How can a people whose land produce 80% of the nation’s wealth remain in such abject condition and depth of degradation. The monumental poverty, pain and suffering in Niger-Delta is immense and alarming. Are these Biafrans from the so-called Niger Delta so stupid, selfish and cowardly that they do not see the immense poverty in their land – a land that supposed to be the Bahamas of Africa?

Are some of these Biafran people so blind that they do not see what’s coming? Have they not read the Abuja declaration and the satanic policies that have enforced since then? More than $2 billion was donated by ex-military dictator Ibrahim Babangida – a man supposedly from Chad to support the total islamization of Sub Sahara Africa starting with Nigeria. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and other radical Arab nations are supporting the effort to Islamize Nigeria with money and weapons.

See what’s happening in the Middle Belt. Boko haram, ISIS and Fulani herdsmen are so armed and have intensified their efforts to confront SE/SS region. The Middle Belt is almost a conquered territory. Today, the retired Lt. Gen. Theophilous Danjuma is crying and shouting and calling on people of Middle-Belt, South-West, South-South & South-East to forget all about 2019 elections but to first fight back the Fulani murderous invaders and reclaim their lands which are now under Fulani occupation.

The coward and hypocrite Gowon has crawled into his cave. He cannot take the war to Fulani invaders who are massacring his people and taking over villages in his constituency. These men are cowards, men without vision, honor, and dignity. They killed Biafrans in their millions and now the war has come to their communities and they are crying, shouting and running away.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), reported that an affiliate of the terrorist group of the Islamic State (ISIS) has seized hundreds of square miles of territory in Northern Nigeria and could disrupt a presidential election this month. In another scary report titled, ‘Islamic State, Seeking Next Chapter, Makes Inroads Through West Africa’, WSJ says Nigerian troops, shown on patrol in northeast Nigeria, say they are often outgunned by an affiliate of Islamic State. “In recent months, as Islamic State has seen its self-described caliphate in Iraq and Syria radically shrink, a Nigeria-born group calling itself the Islamic State West Africa Province, or ISWAP, has taken control of hundreds of square miles of territory, according to Nigerian and Western officials.”

The Biafran people must take over their land by fighting for their freedom. Freedom is the essence of life, without freedom, you are worse a dead person. What is life with freedom? Moreover, why should you be enslaved in your land by an uncircumcised illiterate Fulani cattle rearers?

Biafrans must stand strong and fight for their freedom. Let us watch how the terrorist Fulani soldiers will be going from home to drag you out to vote or kill you, while the world and Igbos and Biafrans scattered around the planet watch while you are being buttered by Fulani terrorists.

During the 1967-1970 genocidal war, the atrocities committed by Gowon and his allies were not properly shown to the world. Today, with technology and social media, the world and Biafrans around the world will be watching how these terrorist soldiers led by a Fulani tyrant and his collaborators will go from home to home to kill you and then we will see what will happen to them and Nigeria.

The Biafrans who have chosen to be stupid and to sabotage Biafra because of greed, envy, and selfishness are wasting their time. In fact, time is running out for them to repent and turn around to join or support IPOB to fight for the freedom of their people and land. If not, the land of Biafra will not contain them. Time is running out for saboteurs in Biafra land. Biafra will crush all of them if they refuse to repent now.

Biafrans, you must sit-at-home on Saturday, February 16th as commanded by IPOB leadership in order to regain your freedom as children of Most High God and your glorious nation.

Let me conclude with ten indisputable and irrefutable reasons why you must boycott all further Nigerian elections in Biafra land.

1. The order was given by the indomitable and incorruptible Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and his deputy – the trusted and courageous Mazi Uche Mefor. These men and others are true leaders of the Biafran not your coward, corrupt political slaves of the Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and evil British Empire.

They care and love you infinitely. I know there’ll be a time to write about Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership, but I want say that Mazi Kanu is perhaps, Africa’s greatest visionary – a brilliant historian and thinker. He comes after the beloved Biafra hero – Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and the Africa’s intellectual giant and philosopher, sage and Prophet Chinua Achebe. For me, these men are the greatest Igbo leaders and among the most cherished Black people on the planet. Nnamdi Kanu will make that history if he delivers his people from pain, suffering and misery that they are in Nigeria today.

2. The two leading candidates are both Fulani who are not even citizens of Nigeria. APC candidate is a man from Sudan and PDP is presenting a naturalized Nigeria, born Cameroonian. Why would you vote one of these two foreigners to be your president? What kind of stupidity and foolishness is that? Does your 1999 Islamic constitution affirm a foreigner to be your president?

3. The continued killings, massacre, oppression, subjugation, marginalization of your land and people and coming islamization.

4. Total absence of infrastructural development in your land. There is no evidence that Biafra land is part of Nigeria – no good roads, no federal institutions, no factories, no industries, no businesses, no companies, no proper functioning airport, no international airport, no seaport, absolutely nothing. The business you toil to establish is either destroyed or forced to relocate to the North and SWest.

After the civil war, rather than Nigerian government and their supporters rebuild Biafran land, instead they created a new capital investing billions to develop Northern city claiming it is centric. Capital city don’t have to be in the center of the country. If that is the case, why do many nations around the world not have their capitals in the center of their countries? Go and see Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, and other northern States and compare them with your own major cities. And yet, the crude oil wealth is flowing in your backyards.

Isn’t it ironic that you’ll have to travel to Lagos or Abuja in order to catch a flight to travel overseas? When returning, you’ll have to come through one of those cities as well to go to the East. If you import goods, your container must come through Lagos where you’ll have to pay through your nose to claim your container or lose it if you can’t afford the bribes. After that, you’ll have to transport your container traveling hundreds of miles to the Eastern region. In the process, you go through check points upon check points including staged armed robbers on the way.

Biafrans, please wake up and free yourself from this hell fire. There is no reason why SE/SS cannot have two or three functioning international airports and the existing seaports allowed to operate in Biafra land. After all, you Biafrans are the most traveled in the entire Africa. How long are you going to remain stupid and ignorant?

5. Unemployment and no jobs. Your children – after attending university remain unemployed for years unless, some miracle happens, maybe he changes his name or your daughter gets married by one Alhaji or a family member sends him or her overseas. That is our life nowadays in Nigeria.

6. No hospitals, no clinics, no equipped health and medical facilities. Once you get sick, you have more chances of dying than surviving.

7. Epileptic power supply. Biafra land is in darkness and heavily polluted by millions of generators emitting poisonous gas everywhere.

8. Environmental pollution and degradation due to massive crude oil drilling and gas flaring. You are dying of all manners of diseases – cancer, stroke, organ failure and all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

9. Your Political slaves and prostitutes were planted in your land to destroy you. They do not care or love you. Instead, they are Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba slaves planted in your land to destroy you. They are efulefus, saboteurs and traitors. Men and women without honor, dignity but selfish and stupid. Get rid of them and enthrone those who care and love you and willing to fight and die for you.

10. The 1999 Constitution was designed to enslave you forever. Until, it is changed and everyone participate in writing a constitution that gives everyone fair and equal rights to life, justice and pursuit of happiness – do not vote any longer in Biafra land. You are voting your bondage, slavery and islamization.

11. Do not vote because of the fake and fetish pastors and so-called men of God who are preaching false gospel and nonsense in your land. Most of the ignorant clergymen and gullible Christians in Biafra land are helping to perpetuate the pain, suffering and bondage in the land today. Do not vote because of them. They are a disgrace to the glorious Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ.

Biafrans, fight for your freedom. Fight for who you are. Fight for your identity. Fight for your heritage. You are a Biafran – sons and daughters of the Most High God.

Biafra nation will be a first class country – most especially a lawful and civilized. There will be laws and strong institutions. Biafra can never be a lawless and corrupt country like Nigeria. The upland will be a wonderland and attraction of the world like Taiwan or Dubai is today. The riverine areas will be turned into the Bahamas of the Caribbean land. Jobs will be plenty and there’ll be no unemployment in Biafra nation.

Biafrans, you must sit-at-home as commanded by IPOB leadership in order to regain your freedom as people and a glorious nation.

Biafrans residing overseas and the global community will be watching to see how these uncircumcised illiterate Fulani and their Yoruba supporters are going to come into Biafra land to kill all of you, our children, our mothers, our fathers, our sisters, our brothers and our family members and we do nothing about it.

Even though most Biafrans – especially Igbo Biafrans living in the United States of America can be naive, lack sense of history and have ‘I don’t care attitude’ as well as selfish and compromised in the lawless, corruption and carnage going on in Nigeria. However, it’ll be height of stupidity, selfishness and cowardice for them to watch while their people are being massacred in their thousands and millions again in Nigeria and do nothing. In fact, only Igbo Biafrans living in the U.S. have the wherewithal and connection to put an end to the nonsense and foolishness going in their land but because of selfishness and stupidity, they are keeping mum while their land are taken by Fulani caliphate. Shame on all of us.

All hail Biafra. Amen.

C. K. Ekeke

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