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2019: Go For Ideology Not Party, UDP’s Balogun Urges Voters

From Chuks Collins, Awka

Electorates have been charged to seek out candidates with ideology that appeal to the citizenry, and to ignore high sounding ‘big’ political parties that have no interest of the masses at heart.

The message was conveyed in a press statement from the stable of the presidential candidate of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Mr Ishola Balogun.

According to him, “… democracy is not absolute. No one can expect one hundred percent of the votes.

“Hence if only the unemployed citizens desperately seeking for job vote for us, we will win. Because there are more unemployed people than the membership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) combined.

“If only the people owed backlog of pension and salaries nationwide vote for us, we will win. It isn’t a difficult way to win.

“It’s only a matter of people hearing our agenda. And our agenda is very transformational.

“You will not believe what is not possible in this country. I know, because I have been on the road round the remotest areas of this country since March.

“I have covered and visited every corner quietly.

“The first time I made an announcement that am going to do this, we had some political thugs come and mess it up.

“But that is okay. I saw it as part of the nation’s political atmosphere”, Balogun emphasized.

Lamenting bitterly that Nigeria is the only country where tomorrow is not guaranteed to be better than today, Balogun – a broadcaster and molecular biologist stated that things would not be allowed to continue that way.

He said, “we can’t continue looking back for our greatness. Because our greatness lies in front. The future of Nigeria is the best structure we have right now.

“I guarantee you the first six months of UDP administration people will be asking where have these ones been all our lives. That’s what am assuring you”.

On the issue of restructuring, he said there was no structure at all, let alone something to restructure.

“I have said it repeatedly that there is no structure to restructure. You cannot rebuild a house that is not in existence.

“You have to start from the foundation. That is why I said that we (UDP) are the face of a new Nigeria.

“When you try the government that takes care of everybody and it doesn’t work; then you talk of restructuring.

“Let’s first of all have a structured government. There is nothing in restructuring, let me tell you that right away”.

He accused those talking about restructuring as using it as diversionary.

That it was just to give the people something to be arguing about while they run away with our money

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