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2019: Peter Obi is the game changer – By Joseph Igietseme

By Joseph Igietseme


MAKING A CASE FOR NIGERIA…a personal opinion!

Joseph Igietseme (JUI)

This opinion is an elixir for my disappointments & dashed hopes on Nigerian governance over the years in the light of the recent events leading to the 2019 presidential elections.

The relevant question is: Should it be Muhammadu Buhari again or Abubakar Atiku now or Someone Else?

Firstly, after taking so much beating for supporting Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, and Jonathan became a Huge DISAPPOINTMENT, I jumped ship into Buhari’s camp in 2013/2014.

Wallahi, Jonathan was a Huge let-down for me and possibly others: No 2nd Niger Bridge; no reliable East – West or North – South Hwys; even no road to Otuoke but cronies have fat personal bank accounts and assets all-over the world…Haba!

Secondly, I have been there for/with Buhari since 2013/2014…taking shots again…and again……because I had great expectations…but Buhari has to show me something to continue to enjoy the support I have been giving him.

JUI & several PMB supporters are still WAITING but so far the performance card is not persuasive and the claimed progress is neither palpable nor  compelling so far…….For example, surprisingly, it took Buhari too much time to put a cabinet in place when he won the election in 2015, which is unlike a Guy who had spent almost two decades gunning for the presidency; so there was even no shadow Govt to work from;

Moreover, the administrative support at the presidency is ineffective especially when vetting the credentials of potential nominees for public positions etc.

In addition, while we should be praying unceasingly for Buhari’s good health and empathize with him when he’s down, the reality is that Buhari has spent almost 1/3rd of his first term outside the country on medical leave;

Personalities still play a role in Nigerian governance because the institutions are poorly developed or too young to operate on auto-piloting; in fact, but for the resilience and outstanding showing of the VP (Osibanjo), the Buhari’s 1st term could have been a complete standstill if not a total failure;

Furthermore, the regime has registered no dramatic, epochical or landmark event so far; 90% of Nigeria is still not getting regular electricity;

All the major East – West and North – South Hwys are almost impassable; no major R&D or industrial production improvement;

Security is still a nightmare in Nigeria, with security agents becoming regular victims these days;

Regarding the war against corruption, a witty friend rightly asked recently why Atiku, OBJ and all those purportedly to be so corrupt that they should not be touched in Nigeria are not in jail if Buhari is effectively fighting corruption

[I leave the rest to your imagination]; etc etc.

Thirdly, considering the foregoing existential realities, it’s a wonderment that Buhari’s handlers are still on their sycophancy tunes and egging him on….instead of assisting him to get the much needed REST on a Comfortable Retirement Chair in Katsina or Abuja.

In any case, it’s all in Buhari’s hands….. But it’s JUI’s candid opinion at this time that Buhari will do Nigeria good if he plays the Mandela/George Washington card, by retiring voluntarily and encouraging more vibrant and energetic APC leaders like Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, Fayemi, Fashola, Ganduje, [Kwankwaso/Timbawaal have left…] to March on with One Developed Nigerian Nation.

That’s what Nigeria needs…Nigeria is in a HURRY to develop.

Fourthly, although JUI had been hesitant about Atiku, mainly because of the disloyalty to OBJ, which wasn’t necessarily connected to the 3rd term bid, the emergence of Peter Obi on the ticket is refreshing and reassuring;

Peter Obi is an effective Executive/Administrator, humble and true Nigerian patriot with no discernible ethnicisms that some SE/SW leaders deploy to have it both ways or when in a bind; it gives

JUI hope for a MEANINGFUL/MEASURABLE performance at the federal level if the actors focus on basic infrastructures, cross-country road hwys, healthcare, science/technology R&D especially in the academia, and quality education promotion in general.

Yes, the concern about corruption in the country will remain but if sufficient performance is recorded in these basic public infrastructures and services the economy will keep growing, advancing scientifically, and the private sector will blossom.

After all, while not condoning it, there’s corruption in every society; just check with the Cities of Atlanta, LA, NY, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, London, Moscow, Beijing, Nanjing, Berlin, Paris etc.

May NIGERIA Win in the end! Take care. JUI, Atlanta USA

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