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2019 Presidential Election: Obiano Should Not Oppose Anambra People’s Wish – Dr Oranezi


An Anambra born Medical Doctor and Policy Expert , Dr. Harry Oranezi has called on Anambra State Gov. Willie Obiano not to stand against the wishes of Ndi Anambra on their preferred choice of Presidential candidate in 2019.

Speaking in Awka yesterday , the Ebenator born Health Financial Analyst stated that Anambra people are highly republican by nature and any governor of Anambra state ought to bear this in mind so as not to be on collision course with the will of the people of the state especially on issues of National political discourse .

The Anambra State Campaign Cordinator of Atiku/Obi Presidential Campaign Organization while reacting to what is now in the public knowledge as regards Governor Obiano ‘s support for Buhari’s re-election and his attack on the President of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo , Chief Nnia Nwodo , stated that such support from Anambra State govt negates the popular position of Ndi Anambra .

We are a Republican people by nature and this will be the first time the governor of Anambra State will be going against the popular position of Anambra voters on issue of Presidential election in the history of Anambra State starting from Old Anambra till date ” he said .

“Yes , I agree that Chief Willie Obiano can take his personal position as a person , but he must not subsume the position of the people of the state to his personal position . ”

Anambra people want a President that will open up the economy with needed policies that will activate the private sector to thrive and not a government that kills businesses . Our people are supporting Atiku/Obi ticket because they understand the situation and already know from the records of service and pedigree of the duo that they are ready to get Nigeria working again . ”

On Obiano’s criticism against the considered stand of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, Dr Oranezi raised the following posers for him.

“When Ohaneze Ndigbo Anambra State adopted you (Governor Obiano) for second tenure , did you complain that other aspirants were members of Ohaneze , didn’t you go ahead to celebrate it ?

When ASATU which is an association of Town Union leadership in Anambra State adopted you also for your second term bid , did you reject that ?

Today you are accusing an Ohaneze Ndigbo that is protecting what our people want in a Nigeria project which the Atiku Policy plans accommodates.

He further added that, “it’s unthinkable and suicidal for Governor Obiano to paint Anambra people as a people that divorce themselves from the only body that protects the interest of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria.

However, everyone is entitled to his freedom of expression and association, Governor Willie Obiano’s decision to insult the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo shows his original intention to work against the interest of Ndi Igbo.

“Oranezi , in conclusion urged Ndi Anambra to come out and vote massively for PDP in this up coming election in order to protect the interest of our people.

Atiku/Obi Presidency will return Nigeria to the path of greatness ” he submits .

Meanwhile , the PDP presidential candidate for 2019 election Atiku Abubakar will be leading the campaign team to Anambra State on Thursday , 31st January .

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