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2020 Budget: Budget Of Senselessness & Misappriopriation

By Nnaemeka Obiaraeri

Only an insane man or wicked man, will continue to indulge in the same terrible game that destroys over 3m of his own annually .

Consistently over the last 4 years, we have been at this death and poverty foistering cycle:

You sold crude oil worth over N11.2 trillion annually.

Out of this N11.2 trillion, over N1.6trillion are cornered and misappropriated at source using the padded, overbloated and bogus Pms import figures.

Another N1.2 trillion are misappropriated through the useless and corruption infested consumption subsidies regime .

Another, N95 billion are looted and wasted via losses at the moribund refineries.

Out of this N11.2 trillion, the only portion that entered the purse for the use of over 198m Nigerians was just N2.3trillion.

Out of this N2.3 trillion, the only portion that entered the FGN purse was N1.208trillion.


You received only N1.2 trillion for the use of 198 million people from crude oil proceeds. Crude oil that was extracted from the soils and waters of the Niger Delta region .

But you have the following leakages and loot pipes : Subsidies N1.2 trillion + losses at refineries of N95 billion plus salaries and wages of 800,000 civil servants of N4.4 trillion + NASS expenses of over N150 billion for 469 people + cost of the presidency = N5.9 trillion.

So, you received N1.2 trillion into the federation purse from crude oil proceeds in one year .

NOW, you will spend N5.9 trillion to take care of LESS than 900,000 people ?

Even after spending the tax revenues collected from the 198 million Nigerians, including the extreme poor of over 94 million and the other revenues from the MDAs, you will still have to borrow over N2.5 trillion to take care of LESS than 900,000 people .

So, how do you plan to rescue the 94 million extreme poor Nigerians, when you are taxing them, squandering all the revenues that comes into Nigeria and even borrowing trillions on their head to take care of the 900,000 civil servants and politicians that are less than 0.5% of our population ?

How can you reasonably tag such wicked and senseless document as budget of inclusion and sustainable growth?

You claim that you have weeded out 60,000 ghost workers, plugged leakages and controlled waste, yet the wage bills have gone up by extra N1.95 trillion in over 3 years , even when you have not implemented the new minimum wages.

Remove the criminal subsidies regime, unbundle the NNPC, totally liberalize the whole oil and gas value chain and totally privatise the refineries; conduits through which over N3.6 trillion are looted and misappropriated annually since January 2016, they will say total NO.

Reform the public service and cut down on the public sector waste to free funds for capital projects, they will say nehi nehi.

How do we get out of this traphole ?

How can someone continue to lie to himself and then expect the lies to turn to truth by magic ?

What kind of country and government is this bikonu?

Please can anyone explain to me a better meaning of senselessness and wickedness than the scenario and reality above.

It is senseless, evil, malicious and satanic for anyone , to continue to support this madness.

May God help us all to get common sense in Jesus name amen.

May God help us to throw away this 1999 satanic verses and replace it with the modified 1960 constitution.

Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri

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