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2021 Prophecy concerning Nigeria delivered by Apostle Okikijesu

Messages concerning Nigeria

2021 is a year of revolution, resolution and calamity:

Thus says the Lord God of hosts: People are crying out in 2020 because of its severity; 2021 is even more, because it is a year of bitterness and hardship. For the Beloved it is a year of resolution that they will be saved from bondage and set free from slavery; their glory will increase and they will be rewarded. It is a year of revolution for the stubborn and proud people. Those who are using Satanic/terrestrial power to predict and deceive people will be judged.

Draconian Law:

Thus says the Lord: Draconian law will be enacted from January 4, 2021.

Many rootless laws will be enacted:

Thus says the Lord of hosts: Many rootless laws will be enacted as from January 2021 and they will not last

Some laws will be enacted:

Thus says the Lord: Some powerful laws will be enacted that will amaze many people.

Scarce and surplus things:

Thus says the Lord: Certain things/commodities will be surplus and certain things/commodities will be scarce. Among the things that will be scarce or cost more is oil/petroleum products.

Cost of living:

Thus says the Lord: Cost of living in Nigeria will increase tremendously in 2021. Many things will become costlier, but only the food will be surplus and beneficial.

The President:

Thus says the Lord: Pray for the president, else he will not be in existence in 2023. Pray for him so that the people that surrounded him and he relied upon will not harm him in a manner that will make him to lose his life.

Powerful people will be trivialized:

Thus says the Lord: The powerful beings will become trivialized.

The powerful people who are governing the country will be trivialized.
The powerful people who are the ministers of God (pastors/priests) who ruined their post/position in the kingdom of God because of their aspirations will be trivialized and disgraced.
The Muslims and traditional religious people who are saboteurs, who are using terrestrial power, lies and hypocrisy to destabilize Christian religion or put it in bondage, will be disgraced in 2021.
The 2023 political aspirants:

Thus says the Lord: All the 2023 political aspirants are wasting their time. The person that I the Lord will make the president of the Nation is yet to contest. All the predictions about who will become the next president is nonsense. Some of the aspirants will pass away in 2021 due to their existing sicknesses; for some, when it remains a little for them to be given the ticket, they won’t be able to progress.

All Progressives Congress (APC):

Thus says the Lord: Many governors and members of the cabinet will decamp from APC to form another political party.

All Progressives Congress (APC) & People’s Democratic Party (PDP):

Thus says the Lord: APC will be divided into three sections/groups, while PDP will disintegrate into three factions. Though some of these groups/factions will join forces to become one, however I the Lord is yet to see the Beloved that I want to utilize.

Women will contest for political positions:

Thus says the Lord of hosts: Starting from 2021 women will be contesting for governorship and presidency positions. They will also contest for house of assembly positions and other viable positions.

A woman will become Governor:

Thus says the Lord: A woman will become the governor of a state before 2023. Also one exalted position will be given to a woman.

Demise of a Governor:

Thus says the Lord of hosts: A governor will die in 2021 and his death will shake people. It is a simple illness that will kill this governor, then his post will be given to his neighbor who is better than him.

Pray for prominent figures/dignitaries:

Thus says the Lord: Pray for prominent dignitaries like professors, ex-governors, first class kings, ex-senators, ex-commissioners, ex-presidents, ex-ministers and the ambassadors.. People should pray for them in January 2021 because mysterious events will happen.

Governor Obaseki:

Thus says the Lord: His government will be shaken in 2021. The opponents will influence his political party in order to shake his government. If he changed by feeding at the idolatry table; if he changed by trivializing My ministers; then some people will raise a panel from Abuja and they will find offense to impeach him.

Governor Akeredolu:

Thus says the Lord: He should pray against mysterious a event that can happen in his cabinet concerning the people that he relied upon that can make him to weep between January and February 2021. He should pray fervently for the following people: his chief of staff, the deputy governor, the speaker of the house of assembly, his commissioners and the secretary of state government; including the political party leader in his state. The reason is that if his supporters are falling, he will not have the free hand to govern as he likes. Once these people have fallen, his government will be shaken from March until September 2021.

Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi and Bishop Oyedepo:

Thus says the Lord: I the Lord is expecting their amendments. I am patient with these big pastors, but they should take steps of rectification, says the Lord God of hosts. They should speak the truth. They should abstain from political activities. They should make necessary rectification in their churches and teach their members the important lectures that can improve the future of their congregations.

Thus says the Lord: This is the third time that I am sending these messages to them. Any of them that is stubborn and refuse to take steps will face the consequences. If they are doubting these messages they should come to I the Lord for verification since they believed that I am the Spirit that is living in them.

Thus says the Lord: If they refuse to take steps according to My instructions, their time to sleep is very close/near. I the Lord owns the key of the Spirit of humans and I will pronounce judgment accordingly. It is good for humans to rectify their ways when they still have the grace because once they are dead there are no more amendments.

The diabolical plan of China:

Thus says the Lord: The future of Nigeria needs prayer and protection, so that the Chinese will not ruin the future of the Nigerian youths. The action that the people in authority think is good/okay is a trap by the Chinese for the future of the Nigerian youths.

The youth will be energized:

Thus says the Lord: I will raise the youths from every department/aspect of Nigerian society. I the Lord will remove the veil that is covering the faces of the Nigerian youths. The youths will fight for their rights in 2021.

Looming crisis will burst:

Thus says the Lord: The incoming crisis will burst as from February 2nd, 2021 and its impact will be felt until May 2021. Therefore the Beloved should pray so that this looming crisis will not burst; because it will have a widespread effect.

Foreign religion will be imposed:

Thus says the Lord: The Jihadists, the religion which came from Saudi Arabia, Chad and Niger will be imposed on the population of Nigeria to be received by force.

Pray against death of Musicians:

Thus says the Lord: People should pray against the demise of the Gospel singers between January and March 2021. People should pray for the Fuji and Juju musicians, together with the hip hop singers, so that three of them will not pass away between January and February 2021.

Pray for the movie Actors and Actresses:

Thus says the Lord: Pray for the film producing artists because Satan is planning to take both the Yoruba and English movie actors and actresses between January 14th, and March 17th, 2021. They should pray for the famous actors and actresses.


Messages concern the Nations of the World

Mysterious things will happen in January 2021:

Thus says the Lord of hosts: Mysterious things will be happening across the world that will make people to tremble in January 2021 according to My previous messages that mysterious things that are least expected will happen between November 2020 and January 2021 throughout the world.

Thus says the Lord: There is no Nation that will be spared by the angels who are working on this issue, so that humans will fear and realize that they are sojourners in the world.

The Sign of 666:

Thus says the Lord: The sign of 666 has come, though it has started in 2019, and it expanded/rises in 2020. The hosts of hell are using this sign to perform contrary works. In 2021, people will confirm/verify that the sign of 666 has begun to work.

China wants to control the Nations of the World:

Thus says the Lord of hosts: China is making efforts to control all the nations of the world and they are working behind the scene/secretly.

Another disease has risen:

Thus says the Lord: Another disease has risen in these five nations, namely: Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, and Nigeria. This disease is very severe. As from January 2021, you will be hearing the name of the disease. Pray fervently so that I the Lord will eradicate the storm of disease that the hosts of hell established to torment the world and reduce the power of the Christians.

I am the Lord and I do not change, says the Lord. Peace be unto you.

Ezekiel 33: 1-11: Say to them: ‘As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live.’

Numbers 23:19: “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

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God bless,

Prophet Frank Akanbi

On behalf of Apostle Dr. Paul Okikijesu

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