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2023: Biafra group urges Ndigbo on stronger participation in politics

Says no part more Nigerian than Ndigbo


Ahead of the 2023 general elections group known as Biafrans In Nigeria (BIN) has called on the people of Igbo extraction that make up the five States of the Southeast geopolitical zone to take advantage of the elections to deepen into Nigeria through stronger participation at the polls in 2023.

The group who made the call in a press conference addressed in Onitsha expressed the view that Ndigbo should rather fight to see themselves in a better position in Nigeria than continue to make failed attempt to leave the country as according to them no part of Nigeria is more Nigerian than Ndigbo.

Convener and Spokesman of the group Hon Ogemdi Ezeala noted that every Igbo person is a Biafran in real sense but Biafra of Nigeria adding that Ndigbo who have more spread and more private establishments in Nigeria than every other set of people in the country have to utilize their wide spread to seek a better and stronger position in national affairs.

Biafrans In Nigeria (BIN) members during the press conference
Biafrans In Nigeria (BIN) members during the press conference

Asked to elaborate on what Ndigbo are expected to do to achieve the goal set by BIN, he said that BIN is out to work with relevant stakeholders as the political class, the traditional institution and religious groups, the businessmen, the Intellectuals, those in Diaspora, the women and the youth in reaching out to people of other parts of the country to assure them that Ndigbo will not leave Nigeria for anybody and to also rally support for an Igbo man to become the next President of Nigeria in 2023.

He said that BIN has started to lead by example through advocacy visits and consulting with relevant stakeholders in other parts of the country pointing out that everybody Igbo in all walks of life as a politician, a trader, businessman, lawyer, doctor, engineer, journalists, pastor, student and what have you has to be involved in the movement to see Ndigbo into a better and stronger position in Nigeria.

He added “The interest of BIN is to see an Igbo man succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 as the President, Commander in Chief and subsequently occupy other positions as Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Secretary to Government of the Federation, Arthoney General, Group MD of NNPC, Minister of Petroleum Resources and others

“Certainly everybody has to be involved, so if you are a politician take the message to fellow politicians in other parts of country, if you are a trader in the north or south west sell the message to the traders in other parts of the country, if you a lawyer, doctor engineer and so on take the message to your colleagues and tell them that Ndigbo will remain in Nigeria and we deserve to be given the chance to produce the next President of the Federal Republic in 2023

Coroborating the BIN convener, an observer and a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship aspirant in Anambra State, Zeribe Ezeanuna, argued that from all indications Ndigbo are not interested to leave Nigeria to establish a country as Biafra or whatever name, noting that by majority and otherwise the evidence are bound to show that the destiny of Ndigbo is tied with Nigeria.

Ezeanuna called on Ndigbo to stick with PDP in 2023 because the party has what it takes to address the challenges facing the Nigeria. Most importantly, he said PDP is ready to respond to the clamor for Restructuring. He assured that he will deliver Anambra to PDP if elected as PDP governor of the State in 2021

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