2011 Presidential Debate: Only Buhari can curb Corruption – Ahamba

Buhari Chief Mike Ahamba SAN, General Muhammadu Buharis’s legal counsel in the 2003 and 2007 Presidential Election Court cases has stated that “the highest requirement for fighting corruption is non-participation; and GMB has a high dose of that”.
In a Presidential Debate Query sent by Attorney Carol Ajie, Concerned Citizen, Chief Ahamba emphasized that “G.M.B is entitled to our trust based on his antecedents, not in vacuo”. 
Below is the Query and Chief Ahamba’s response:
Chief Mike Ahamba SAN,
You have been with Buhari for many years through his bid for the president 2003 and 2007, in and out of court, almost winning last  time he came as first runner up. It must have come to you as a big boost therefore to read that Frontline Activist Pastor Tunde Bakare of Save Nigeria fame, endorsed him for President 2011 obviously relying on his zero-tolerance for corruption.
There is a query that crept into my mind which a member of this yahoo chat group made of professionals and the civil society once raised, and if you can please answer, what was Buhari’s connection with the smuggling of the Emir of Gwandu’s suitcases when he was Head of State?
2) How ready was he then and now to clean the Augean Stable, the herculian task which the present crop of leaders ought to instil. Our foreign reserve is fast depleting, N16 Billion down 50th Anniversay drain, Halliburton trial a hoax etc., and so on? Please answer  questions you can take now or later and those you cant may refer to Buhari; please do take the queries when you have time Sir.
Thank you.
Attorney Carol Ajie
Concerned Citizen
Dear Carol,
Thanks for your concern about making Nigeria better. It is for this same purpose that some of us have remained in politics inspite of the murky waters one has had to swim in the process.
Now to your questions. 
General Mahammadu Buhari (hereinafter “GMB”) has contested presidential election twice, although in none of the elections was he given the opportunity to win or to lose, both elections having been brutally rigged. It is noteworthy that this issue of Emir of Gwandu suit cases was never deployed against him by the PDP, even in the ‘do-or-die’ situation of the 2007 election.
You may wish to find out who was the Controller of customs at MMA, Lagos at the time of the incident. The finding will be of interest to you, and may explain why the PDP has been silent on that campaign point since 2003. If GMB was found wanting, surely they would not spared him. Maybe a top P.D.P man was in fact involved, and not GMB. Find out.
This I know: the incident has not taken, and is not capable of taking anything out of the GMB as a man of honour and integrity.
I have no difficulty in answering this question in the affirmative. GMB is as constant as the northern star. One thing about which I am certain is that he will never witch-hunt anyone. However being a committed patriot his duty to the fatherland will always supersede any other consideration. I believe that he has the courage and will to firmly do what he has to do, if the need to do so arises. 
The highest requirement for fighting corruption is non-participation; and GMB has a high dose of that. Remember that he has held the following offices: Chairman NNPC, Minister, of Petroleum Resources, Governor, N.E State (as it then was), Head of State (military) and Chairman PTF , and yet no one has accused him of act of corruption.
The presumption of zero-tolerance for corruption is heavily in his favour. No one else on the podium of choice is enjoying that presumption which has proved irrebutable. Remember also that in the eighteen (18) months of his administration as a Military Head of State, he had repaid a substantial portion of our foreign debt at that time; and his government did not borrow. He will prove that Nigeria has enough to take care of her citizens.
G.M.B is entitled to our trust based on his antecedents, not in vacuo. 
Nigerians must bond together to ensure that the Nigerian political and administrative pen robbers do not rob us of his services as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. For all positive and progressive Nigerians, it is “SAI BUHARI!!!”
Chief Mike Ahamba, SAN.
     18th October, 2010