United Kingdom Daily Star (Newspaper)

Story by Tom Hutchison

Therapist across Britain reckons they can “cure” gays and turn them straight.
Hundreds of mental health experts many in NHS, insist that gays and lesbians are just “confused”.
They claim they need intense one-on-one counselling to convince them to move away from “perverse” acts.
They have caused outrage among campaign groups who say psychological “treatments” are unethical.
One in six therapist said they had tried to help at least one patient suppress gay feelings.
Experts have been known to use electric shocks and there have even been reports of staff offering nookie with someone of the opposite sex.
One therapist told researchers: “The physical act for homosexuals is physically damaging. it is also perverse.”
Another said “it’s a type of psychotic illness.”
Most of the patients ask for help with their gay feelings because their friends and families would react with fury if they found out. But that is something which never bothers Dafydd, the only gay in the village, played by Matt Lucas, 35, in little Britain.
Nearly 1,500 experts were quizzed and one in every 25 said they would try to help someone with gay feelings if asked.
But Prof. Michael King of University College London, who led the study, said: “It’s surprising that a significant minority of practitioners still offers this help. It can be quite harmful.”
One gay man named Warren said his gay-hating dad took him to hospital for electric shock therapy in the 1950s. He said: “They’d wait for you to get into fantasy and give you a shock so that the desire was linked to pain.” “They also offered me a woman to sleep with.”
The study outraged gay groups yesterday. Derek Munn, of gay and lesbian equality organisation Stonewall, said: So-called gay cure therapies are wholly discredited.”

As previously discussed, Gay people are queer people and queerness is not a part of African culture. The campaign for gay rights in Nigeria is strange to our ways of live. Anyone or groups who had requested for gay recognition or rights at the time of KINGS and QUEENS, Kingdoms and Empires in the pre-colonial Africa would have been put to death instantly. Such request or campaigns could have been considered as a sacrilege or a taboo against the gods, our ancestors and the god of fertility.
Gay people in western world are still fighting for recognition in spite of the level of their civilization, they are highly discriminated against, people treat many of them with disdain, they call them all sort of names behind their back let alone Nigeria which has not attain development up to the Victorian era in the 2009: Development in terms of manufacturing, science, exploration, discovery, governance, coordination, organisation of commonwealth of the Nigerian people or industrial revolution in all nook and crannies of Nigeria.
We are importing all sort of technology and civilization from the developed countries including debt, so, it may not be an error of judgement to arrive at the conclusion that Gay and lesbian culture were imported to Africa from the west along with the quest for modern technology……….. Afuze Imohumi