Accreditation off to a good start

*It appears the accreditation exercise has started off on the right note. Thanks to NTA especially its moderator one Walter Nnaji and supported by these panelists- INEC’s Adedeji Soyebi, Police DIG Abubakar, and one election monitor.
To recap some of the morning’s exercise from several Abuja wards, Otuoke (Jonathan’s), Daura (Buhari’s), Adamawa (Ribadu’s), Kano (Shekarau’s) and polling booths in Makurdi, Lagos, & Ibadan, INEC officials have bettered their last exercise.
So far, these are known:
1. INEC officials for the most part arrived timely for accreditation expect some polling units (PU) in Idumagbo Lagos- kudos to INEC!!
2. Complete election materials have made it (timely too) to polling stations fromy.
3. There is an increased, but visible presence of men/women of the police force, FRSC, Civil Defence, and the military. This is reassuring to Nigerian voters.
4. And it can’t be over emphasized that Nigerians are more committed, and eagerly excited for this presidential election than that of the Assemblies last week. Better put, they are expectant of a better leader this time!
Again, there is palpable excitement from Nigerians to perform their civic duties in these major cities. It’s our wish that this is extended to the rural towns and villages away from the prying eyes of the press/NTA. I hope!
Again, so far, so good!!———Arinze V. Chukwuneta