Alamieyeseigha versus Obasanjo

See How Far the Devil Has Ruined Nigeria, Other “leaders must speak out! listen to DSP Alamieyeseigha:

Then I said Mr. President, you have done so many things in this country that I know of and for which you should be reminded. And he shouted, ‘what are those things, what are those things’?

Okay, what are those things?

I said ‘if you want me to remind you I will remind you’. And he said ‘say it, say it’.

I said in ‘1966, Mr. President,

what happened?

In 1969, when the command structure of the armed forces was to be changed, when Adekunle was to be removed as GOC Third Marine Commando, and you were commanding Rear Garrison in Ibadan and Colonel Alabi was persuaded to speak to you to accept, when finally you became the GOC, what did you do to Colonel Alabi?  If not for the late General Hassan Katsina, Colonel Alabi would have been a dead man you know that. 

In 1976, Mr. President, what happened to Murtala Mohammed – can you tell me what you knew about what happened?  Mr. President, when Murtala Mohammed  was purging the Armed Forces and the civil service for corruption, what was your own case and what role did Allison Ayida play in saving your neck and what did you do when eventually you became the president – Ayida was your first casualty.

In 1979, Mr. President, when you were about to hand over power, truly what happened during that election between Awolowo and Shagari.  I’m cutting all these things because I don’t want to go into details.

I said Mr. President when your military regime was to be probed you went to Joseph Wayas in the night, what did you do to him and how was a letter issued to you that you would not be probed? 

I said Mr. President, what happened and what did MKO Abiola do to you (all the letters you wrote, I was Special Adviser to Chukwumerije then as Minister, I was privileged to read them); what did the man do to you that you hated him with so much passion – somebody from your own state. 

Mr. President, you even projected yourself to be interim president. 

I said, Mr. President, did Abacha put you in jail wrongly? 

I said Mr. President, with all what General Abdulsalam Abubakar did for you, when you took over office, me and you know what and what you’ve done to that man, this is very current. 

He asked and shouted ‘what have I done to him, what have I done to him’?

I told him to let me just cite one: I reminded him that we were in the Council of State meeting and message came that his house was burning in Abuja here. 

He had to obtain permission, by the time he got there, the house was burnt to the ground – as I’m speaking to you have you one day asked about that incident?

All these made him very quiet.

I said Mr. President, what happened to Bola Ige, what happened to Dikibo, what happened to Marshall Harry?

I promise you that I was going to take you to the International Court of Justice for the destruction of Odi and I will do it.

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