Anambra saga: Plot To Remove Ogbulafor

Anambra saga: Plot To Remove Ogbulafor As PDP Boss Thickens – Discontent among members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) against the National Chairman, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, over his handling of the affairs of the party appears to have come to a head.

Some of the members openly threatened to pass vote of no confidence on him.

But the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Professor Ahmed Alkali, said though there were challenges within the party, the NWC members were united in their resolve to build a stronger PDP.

However, Saturday Tribune learnt that there had been grumblings over the state of affairs of the party in the states, with the national chairman being accused of initiating arbitrary actions, particularly in Bauchi, Imo, Plateau and Anambra states, disregarding the resolutions of the NWC members.

Prince Ogbulafor had recently announced the dissolution of the executive committees of the party in both Bauchi and Imo states under controversial circumstances, while his latest attempt to dissolve the committee in Anambra State led to an open rebellion, causing him to retrace his step.

However, indications emerged that the NWC members are accusing him of being compromised, especially over the Anambra State issue, as they believed that he was trying to foist Chief Nicholas Ukachukwu, a former chieftain of the party in the state, on the party supporters.

The NWC members are allegedly miffed that Prince Ogbulafor failed to implement the decision to expel Chief Ukachukwu which was taken by the NWC, but instead continued to deal with him, as though he was a leader of the party in Anambra State.

NWC members agreed that there is no need for him or any other person to go to Anambra State, but there is this suspicion that he has his hands in every pie, a source close to the NWC told Saturday Tribune.

Prince Ogbulafor was also said to have attracted the wrath of his colleagues over his perceived manipulation of the situation of the Plateau State chapter of the party.

They accused him of propping up the Professor Dakum Shown-led executive committee loyal to Governor Jonah Jang, alleging that he did it for pecuniary reason and cited it as responsible for his reluctance to inaugurate the caretaker committee, which had been agreed upon by the NWC members for the Plateau PDP.

The source also told Saturday Tribune that that was why whatever the NWC members were told to do, they would say until they heard from the chairman, they would not agree with anybody.

The source added that we believe that the chairman is doing something on behalf of the NWC, but he is not telling the members.

According to the source, the NWC members are now getting tired and the party is just drifting and even the Presidency is uncomfortable with the attitude of the chairman.

“Imo State and Bauchi executive councils were dissolved without consultations with the members of NWC and the national chairman claimed he did it with the respective state governors in consultation with the Presidency.

Leon Usigbe – Saturday Tribune