Another window dressing exercise on corruption!

Dear All:
Another window dressing exercise on corruption! Could these guys save our breath on this alleged fraud and corruption by the TRANSCORP Empire? I still believe this is another nonsensical exercise in futility and deceit of Nigerians that corruption is being tackled headlong. When these folks use the word “big fishes” during investigation of crime in Nigeria that is the end of the story. The corruption norm in Nigeria is that the “big fishes” do not go to jail except the Government playing “abracadabra” in the eyes of Nigerians towards making them believe that the government is serious about fighting corruption. The arrangement with the “big fishes” involves Memorandum of Understanding (MOU in corruption) between the corrupt big fishes and the powers that be. The drama is such that SSS would net them into the cell to look to Nigerians as if the government is pursuing these guys, and before you know it, they are out and free like everyone of us.

And as usual, Nigerians are always forgetful about the whole drama after a short while. The liberalism and laze-affairs attitude of Nigerians regarding the state of affairs of that nation has been the greatest set back in our country. It stem from the fact that people have lost confidence in government for decades. Result wise, here has never been any precedent where corrupt politicians have been convicted and jailed in the past. The same applies to those running governmental parastatals or private conglomerates that the government has major share holding in them. It is business as usual. Stealing of Millions, Billions and Trillions for the big fishes families.

Again, can anyone tell me how many corrupt Governors and other executives that looted and stole from the federal and state treasury, that were tagged as corrupt by EFCC have been nabbed during their onslaught at time of OBJ’s administration, are actually convicted and jailed in Nigeria?. Absolutely none. Therefore, I wonder what makes any sane Nigerian believing that TRANSCORP fraud and arrest of the MD and many others is a pathway to fighting corruption. Basically, the arrest of TRANSCORP suspects is nothing but a fake exercise and waste of resources by the government. These guys would never be convicted or go to jail because when the names of beneficiaries( accomplices or partners in crimes ) of TRANCORP starts sailing on the waters, every action against these folks would be put on hold on the so-called fraud investigations. Corruption in Nigerian has produced membership in the cult of looting and stealing. It is like having a mafia empire of corrupt leaders with friends and cronies in it. That is why for decades, Nigeria has never been successful in fighting this crime. The big fishes would never be embarrassed in Nigeria which has been their motto. I am no loosing sleep on this news because Mrs. Ndidi Okereke and Mr. Iseghoghi would come out as gladiators in the empire of a corrupt state. These guys are big time jokers!

In the United States, Martha Stewart dipped her hand in the Cookie jar of insider trading, and the laws caught up with her, despite her riches and affiliations with all creeds of the political class of this great nation. As soon as she was indicted, her fellow big fishes abandoned her and left the law to take its cause against Stewart. An example of the dictate of a Country that respects the RULE OF LAW. Stewart paid the ultimate penalty for the crime after the verdict was handed over by the jury: Jail term for months. When you watch another drama on DANGOTE AND OTEDOLA insider trading mess, the news is already stale. The big fish, DANGOTE can never go to jail for insider trading that he is accused of. This would never happen in Nigeria and has never happened and does not seem to happen anymore.

As it is, the level of corruption in Nigeria has permeated from generation to generation. As a flash back, can anyone name any of the “big fishes” on this forum that has ever been jailed on corruption in Nigeria, starting from Umaru Diko to IBB(Okigbo’s report states that IBB stole the gulf windfall) and many , many others. In-fact, late General Abacha welcomed Umaru Diko with open hand and gave him a red carpet reception in the late 1990s. Umaru Diko was ushered into Nigeria in grand styled celebrations in Abuja from Britain. And received by Abacha, himself as the most corrupt zealot in the Nigerian history. None of his family members and league of friends and cronies involved in the crime of looting the country ever spent time in jail. But rather, these crooks and looters entered into a deal with our government (Abubakar and OBJ) that they can keep some of the loots and return some. Even those loot returned are still unaccounted for in the hands of other looters too, still in government. A vicious circle, indeed! They are walking freely in our streets in Nigeria and doing bigmanism and enjoying their loots.

The same reception would accord the TRANSCORP guys in no short a time.

Atty. Ralph Nwokike, Esq.
Seattle, Washington, USA.