Atiku is confused

tiku would have been doing better if he had never looked for a project-avenue in PDP. I understand his feelings, especially looking at a man called President of Nigeria who cannot differentiate his left hand from his right hand. Atiku thinks that he would have made a better President and considering founding-fathership contribution to PDP since 1998. But Atiku is short of the fact that he is one of the least qualifying Nigerians for the post of Nigeria President. He is short of being man of his word and short of self-principle/determination. He is not the only one who have been maltreated in PDP but likes of Ekueme, Ken and Lar are waiting for miracle that will led to the rebirth of PDP, if this will possible. That is what we call self-principle. If you want to remain in market-money-drive party like PDP you need to stay their and eat their **** with them.

Atiku would have stayed there in AC. And not trying to be jealous of Bola Tinubu. AC is turning to self-government by the people who feel to be free from PDP slavery, disaster and mockery . Like Tinubu worked very hard in Lagos, Atiku would have started the same in Adamawa. Please, let Atiku be educated on self-principle and self determination.

Let me tell Atiku today that, I am a Nigerian who feels that Obasanajo has done great damage to Nigeria for the eight years he was the ruler. Base on this, Atiku listen, if all the schools on the surface of the earth closed down and only school that is in existitent is Bell Schools, never my wards would attend his schools. It is better for one to remain illiterate than attending a school belong to Obasanjo. The same thing with his companies I prefer to remain unemployed and be hungry than working for Obasanjo who make life misearable for 99.99% of Nigerians, excluding Erastus of Old PDP of Ondo State. Up Agagu!!!