Biotechnology Bill Is Moving Very Fast Secretly:

The Draft of Nigeria Biosafety Bill arrived the National Assembly on January 2009 and it has passed through the Second Reading, Public Hearing, Collection and Retreat sessions at the House of Representatives. We are optimistic that it will be passed in May 2010”. This will be found under the title The Status of the Draft Bill (p.72) of his speech.

Dear Leaders, Elders, Academics, Priests, Professionals, and other Fellow Nigerians, 

Biotechnology Bill Is Moving Very Fast Secretly:

Absolute Need for Action Now!

The Director General of the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Professor B.O. Solomon, said at the lecture titled Africa on the Cusp of Biotechnology: The Legal and Ethical Aspects of Genetics, delivered by Dr. Remigius Nwabueze, at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studied (NIALS), the University of Lagos, on Tuesday, May 18, 2010: “The Draft of Nigeria Biosafety Bill arrived the National Assembly on January 2009 and it has passed through the Second Reading, Public Hearing, Collection and Retreat sessions at the House of Representatives. We are optimistic that it will be passed in May 2010”. This will be found under the title The Status of the Draft Bill (p.72) of his speech.

I have evidence that my application for appointment to speak with Mr. Makanjuola, the Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture who raised the bill, in compliance with given instruction, delivered personally, was signed on April 1, 2009 at Abuja. I was promised that because I showed interest, I will be informed about Public Hearing on it. I bore the cost of travelling to Abuja and my accommodation in Abuja for nine days. After nine days in Abuja during which I visited his office in my effort to achieve the aims of my visit, I returned to Lagos without seeing him, with risk of accident borne, and with only twenty naira left in my pocket at the time that I got to my home. I corresponded with his office from Lagos through e-mail and was told that at least four national newspapers will publish the invitation of the public to Public Hearing on the bill. No newspaper has published it as much as my daily search convinces me.

At least one foreign government, the government of the USA, wants the bill to be passed and signed into law. Proof: “The Consul General of the US embassy, Mr. Ali Abdi, visited IITA, Ibadan, on Friday, 9 June, 2006 among other reasons, “to know the progress towards passing the national biosafety legislation by the government of Nigeria”—see US Mission at IITA, 19 June 2006—and is using everything to achieve that. Passing and signing the bill would authoritatively and effectively impose on us genetically “modified” (poisoned) foods, give the American companies that carry out biotechnology, especially Monsanto, absolute right and freedom to use our sources of foods for the production of biofuel for USA wars, clone humans and animals, extract our cells and genes, patent them and use them for commercial benefits, have legal ownership over our being and biodiversity, and use them for unimaginable and limitless ends.  

Dealing with the bill demands sovereignty, nationalism, independence, and knowledge based on laboratory research or extensive and profound studies. Also necessary is peer group review, journal publication, independent public and transparent safety test, and verifiability of claims or submissions. But ALL of these are lacking. I have defended my view at the NABDA where Professor Solomon is D.G. They could NOT give me proof that G.M. Food is safe and they could not show me the animals that they use for safety test. Both are imperative. Therefore, truth, value for our lives, and nationalism are not motivating them.

Excessive political pressure and bribe are being used by USAID, Monsanto and the Bill and Millender Gates Foundation, USA, to force or influence our legislators to sign it into law! Proof examples: A so-called Memorandum of Understanding was signed by our government, the IITA, and the USAID on May 3, 2004 “for the establishment of a biotechnology development program in Nigeria”. It provided for “over US$3 million in funding from USAID over the next three years”.; Crusoe Osagie, USAID to Spend N400m On Nigeria Biotechnology Development, ThisDay, 4 May 2004; USADF, WB, Monsanto, and Bill and Millender Gates “give” large amounts to promote biotechnology plus GM cassava project.

It should be emphasised that most European countries have rejected G.M. Foods. The Asian countries are also rejecting them. India is worst hit by its consequences, especially regarding GM cotton and GM brinjal. Despite this truth, as Professor Solomon’s speech (p. 75) revealed, “Large scale field trials with all India coordination” are being carried out in Nigeria. In Africa, Zambia rejected GM corn from the USA in 2002 despite suffering acute food scarcity. The European Union and other governments gave Zambia cash to buy corn on the open market while the USA government insisted on GM corn for Zambia or nothing. Malawi, Mozambique, Angola and Sudan also rejected US GM corn. As President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Mugabe rejected the GM Foods that the USA government sent to his people and requested natural foods or money to buy these with for his people but the former president of the USA, George Bush jnr, insisted that he MUST accept the GM foods or nothing.

While South Africa had food crisis, the US, government offered “more than $266m (£180m) of GM maize to southern Africa through the UN World Food Programme”, while the EU and other countries gave money to buy food with on the open market. “Two leading international environment and development groups accused the US of manipulating the Southern African food crisis to benefit their GM food interests and of using the UN to distribute domestic food surpluses which could not otherwise find a market”. Also, “Greenpeace accused the US government and the biotech industry of using the aid system as a covert subsidy for US farmers”. See: GM-free Food Aid!, ISIS Report, 7 August 2002,

The producers of G.M. Foods, their paid researchers and agents, and some ignorant or paid promoters of the production and consumption of GM Foods in Nigeria have been claiming that GM foods are safe for human and animal consumption and that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have no adverse effect on other crops and the environment. But they provide no evidence to support their claims while available researches show—some are provided here—that GM foods are poisonous and deadly. Vertical and horizontal gene transfers poison natural crops and waters. 

To Speak about the regulation of biotechnology insults our education and intelligence because our consent and approval for GMOs and GMFs production and GMFs importation were not sought before their production and importation were begun. They deceived our farmers by telling them that genetically “modified” (poisoned) seeds and cassava are high-yielding, bring a lot of income, and resist pests. Nothing was said about their toxic, allergenic, carcinogenic and deadly effects. They have taken a lot of space and produced much more than can be known over so many years. That, besides being criminal, shows a deliberate intention to murder Nigerians for money.

Let me emphasise that NO researcher anywhere in the world has publicly established that G.M. Foods do not cause any disease. NOT EVEN ONE! Note that.

Because some researchers have established publicly that GM foods cause kidney, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases, infertility and deformities, and because we have been consuming them, there is no doubt that the prevalence of these diseases and deaths in Nigeria and the high infertility, infant and adult mortality in Nigeria are due to their consumption over the years since they were secretly introduced. This fact is corroborated by the fact that ALL other nations where they are consumed are experiencing the same phenomenon! “Food-borne illnesses cost the United States $152 billion each year. Dozens of pathogens, many of them unknown, creep into the food supply each year—through G.M. Foods—sickening millions”. See: Foodborne Illness Costs US $152 Billion Annually: Study. Christopher Doering, March 3, 2010. The USCDC reported that food-borne diseases went up 2-10 folds in 1999 in the USA sequel to the release and commercialisation of GM Foods compared with the finding before the release and commercialisation of GM foods. PS Mead, L. Slursker, V. Dietz, LF McCraig and others, Food-related illnesses and death in USA. Emerg. Infec. Dis. 1999; 5: 607-25; MW Ho, 3 Nov 2001; and Science in Society 2002; 13/14: 23. 

Our situation is really pathetic and demands the rejection of G.M. Foods because Nigeria relies on the USA—the G.M. Food dictator and imposer—for safety test of foods and drugs. If it carries out any safety test independently, it would not be able to punish the culprit for any harm or death if he is an American because the USA government would not accept our finding and our government may fear reprisal. Moreover, the USA government has imposed freedom from prosecution for ALL Americans on the ICC and on our government at the ICC through its globalist-perversion of ICC’s Rome Statute Article 98, consistent with its glabalism policy.     

You would agree with me that our rights to know and to decide what we should consume—a matter of life or death—are inalienable and inviolable. But they are being violated. Therefore, it is clear that the information about the success of the Biotechnology Bill at the House of Assembly given by Professor Solomon and the production and importation of GM Foods for consumption by Nigerians amount to the worst dictatorship and the worst violation of our sovereign, human and food rights and freedom. It is worse in criminality than the holocaust because GM Foods murder in larger numbers and silently. We all believe that our foods are safe whenever we are consuming foods, no person expects death through his food, no one eats to die, and no one would consume any food that he knows is poisonous and deadly. Animals, although unintelligent, sense (smell) their foods to ensure safety before they eat them!

Imposing GM Foods on Nigerians does not support the claim that democracy is the best form of government or confirm that the people we elected have value for our lives. It amounts to the most serious crime of breach of trust! It is corrupt and no action equals it as corruption! It is an unprecedented and condemnable corruption! It demands the action of the EFCC! Its magnitude, weight and criminality as evil and corruption is borne out by our value for human life expressed through Ndu ka aku and madu ka ego (Igbo), alafia lo ju, Omo bo ori owo, omo ni ere aiye, and omo ni aseyinde ti o ba di ale (Yoruba). Also by the fact that our productivity, production, consumption, security, practice of medicine, law, politics, banking, educating, engineering, science, and the other existentially necessary occupations and professions depend NOT just on people, BUT on healthy people, good population of healthy people, and its sustainability.

Our human rights, the value of human life, democracy, nationalism and national interest demand that national, state and university debates and laboratory safety tests with mammalian animals and human beings MUST have been conducted and that all doubts MUST have been settled, settled in favour of SAFETY of G.M. foods, before production and importation are begun. Take note that no one can do without foods and that once food has passed the point of no return in your oesophagus, you may find yourself dead the next few minutes, after one day, or after ten years, due to poison in the food, or in hospital with a deadly disease. If it is not you, it may be your children—ALL OF THEM—your parents, your wife, your husband, or your friend.

At least four newspapers—The Nation, The Guardian, The Sun and The BusinessDay newspapers—reported on Wednesday, May 19, 2010, the death of five children of one family which happened after they had consumed a cassava meal called lafun, and ewedu soup in Ayegunle-Ekiti in Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti State. There had been similar deaths after the consumption of foods published in the past. No one investigated how the foods were produced and no one took responsibility for the foods and the deaths or was punished. They died as if flies were killed! Usually, the immune system is harmed or destroyed first or along the line. When the immune system does not function or is weak. It is like having NO military personnel—army, etc—in a country or like having no gate and doors in your house and no watchman night and day!

SAVE THE LIVES OF ALL NIGERIANS NOW! Save Nigeria’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and development! Health is Wealth! A person’s honour and dignity are not determined by his money and properties! BAN the production and importation of G.M. Foods NOW and revive traditional longevity!


I saw the title used here written on transportation vehicles while I was a child. It amused me when I read it. But as I grew up, it became clear to me that it reflected the reality of hatred, wickedness, and man’s inhumanity to man in the societies. As a researcher into the application of genetic engineering to the production of foods, I recall those words—“If men were God”—and it is clear to me that many genetic engineers, biotechnologists and molecular biologists who claim that they are modifying and improving the organisms that God created use the expressions “modify” and “improve” in order to deceive people to believe that the organisms are better than the natural ones, created by God, and, hence, to consume the foods produced with them called “genetically modified foods” (GM foods). But no man can improve or modify what God created. 

Although these foods are harmful and deadly and although very deadly new strains of viruses and bacteria—e.g., HIV, monkey B virus, bird flu virus, E coli 0157: H7—are produced by them, they are insisting that the nations of the world must accept the practice and consume the foods, in order to have absolute ownership over our sources of foods and commercial gain. That is evidence of “If men were God”. The worst benefit will come to them from the knowledge about the proteins that all the codes in genes express. The sequencing of the genome of persons and plants intended to provide the knowledge has been carried out but the results obtained are far different from their claims, and they do not know why this is so yet. God is Supreme!   

When they discover the functions of all the proteins that genes express, they would use them consistent with “If men were God”; that is, to cause deadly diseases, infertility, mental retardation, disability, deformity, shortness of life, madness, blindness, deafness, etc, because they are godless, selfish, and materialistic. They are patenting seeds and the organs of human beings as solely their own now! That is the sign that they would murder at will and cause infertility, mental diseases, and whatever achieves their commercial and political ends.  

Despite the fact that NO GM Food has been certified safe for human and animal consumption anywhere in the world through any independent and public safety test, despite the fact that they have destroyed what makes some diseases infant diseases and some old age diseases, such that children are born with old age diseases or have them before they are five years, they are not giving up the practice. This is because they want to usurp the right of God and become our gods. Should we allow this to happen? NO! There is evidence that food is becoming the weapon of politics and war. Therefore, our governments should Act Right Now by banning the production and importation of GM Foods until independent researchers establish worldwide and consistently that GMOs do not harm the fertility of our soil and poison our crops, animals, waters and environments, and that GM foods do not cause death. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE! 


“G.M. Foods” are foods produced by farming with natural seeds of corn, soya, rice, beans, or cassava stem that have the DNAs and genes extracted from fly, bacteria, pig, snake, etc—at least four genes— inserted into their genomes using viruses, bacteria, gene gun or electrophoresis method. Note that the DNAs and genes inserted never belonged to the genomes since creation and would never have belonged there naturally. When that is done, the genomes are poisoned. Therefore, GM Foods are, rightly named, genetically poisoned foods (G P Foods).    

DNA means deoxyribonucleic acid. A nucleic acid is a chemical macromolecule made up of different lengths of single nucleotides. A gene is a discrete part of a DNA. Genes express all the proteins specific to cells that are necessary for precise functions and purposes which, in the whole, give physical lives to human beings, animals, plants, and microbes; the characteristics of immediate and earlier parents, intelligence, instinct, immune defence, etc. God imparts metaphysical or soul life directly. Proteins vary only by their functions and include hormones, enzymes, antibodies, transport molecules, and structural components. None functions in isolation however. There is a mysterious coordination of the functions of all bio-elements in the systems of organisms to achieve absolute precision, specificity, perfect efficiency and its sustenance.        

GM Foods exist as cassava, plantain, banana, rice, soya, sorghum, beans, corn, yam, cow pea, millet, vegetables, tomatoes, fruits, oils, processed foods, e.g, gari, foofoo, iyan, amala, akara, maimai (moinmoin), bread, milk, butter, cheese, beer, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, tinned food, fast food, assemblage of condiments as in soup and stew. GM foods exist as fish, meat, egg, water, biscuits, sweets, chewing gums, and all the things that we add to what we know generally as foods in order to give them any desired taste, colour, and aroma, or to preserve them. GM Foods are different from natural and organic foods based on safety, differences in nutritional values, taste, etc. But the differences are not known by merely looking at them whether as raw or processed foods. They are best revealed through tests with mammals, like rats, guinea pigs, and people!    



Because GM Foods contain NEW toxins and allergens, excess of the toxins and allergens in natural foods, mutagens (cause of mutations), carcinogens (cause of cancers), and less nutrients, they weaken or devastate the immune system, cause diabetes, high B.P, kidney, liver and heart diseases and failures, cancers, deformities, infertility, aggressive behaviour, diseases of the brain, allergic reactions—mild and severe—etc, and death. Note that any of these, except allergic reaction, may take a long time to manifest and, therefore, it would not be known that GM food caused it! Unfortunately our pathologists do not investigate foods as the first or ultimate causes of deaths! When cancer is said to be the cause of death, the method of gene insertion might have cause it. Gene landing in genome of foreign organism or GM food metabolite may be the cause.      



It should be said first and foremost that how genes function is not fully known by bio-researchers. Consequently, bio-research is carreied out ignorantly and based on hope, wish, and acheivng what is wished or hoped on the basis of assumptions, trials and errors. Therefore, the major causes of the diseases are lack of precise technique and mysterious functions of genes. Lack of precision means that the bio-researchers who create genetically modified organisms (GMOs) used for farming and growing GM foods cannot determine, direct or control where the genes that they insert into the genomes of target organisms land and insert themselves in the genome of the organisms. They also cannot stop interference with host gene’s function by inserted genes. Order in the genes-of-life-and-death is also violated. There are other causes! It should be repeated that some causes are still unknown! E.g., only recently was the part of the genome called “junk”—98% of the genome—and thought to carry out NO function discovered to carry out regulatory function. Regulatory function, like a car steering and brake, is a very vital function in biology, cellular and physiological functions in order to prevent error. Appreciate it: 2% carry out effective functions and 98% regulate their functions! Genetic engineering is unguided and unregulated! No such practice can succeed! Deregulated systems cannot succeed or be sustained! 


It is, unfortunately, NOT a matter of quantity. It is a matter of immunological interference, biological activity, or both. E.g., it was said that the tryptophan that was in the Showa Denko milk that caused many people to die in the USA in 1989 was 99% pure!  Its toxicity was less than 0.1%


GM Foods are produced in Nigeria and are also imported. Therefore, they are found on our farms, in our markets, supermarkets, eateries, in our homes, on our dining tables, and in our stomachs. The International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, is probably the greatest creator of the so-called genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with which the so-called genetically modified foods (G.M. Foods) are produced. The institute has been creating GMOs and distributing them to ignorant village people and school children for use in farming; e.g., cassava stem. Foods and drinks companies use their GMOs. But I do not know of any GMO created by the institute or any GM food produced with them that has been subjected to safety test by an independent body of knowledgeable researchers who use both animals and people for their safety test and which confirmed the GMOs safe for farming or confirmed the GM foods safe for human and animal consumption. It is an inevitable requirement.  Let the consumer beware is obvious!  

The IITA plans another field testing of GM cassava that was created by Professor Richard Sayre and others this year. The research and development was funded with more than $12.1 million in “grants” (bribe) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They claimed that the cassava will provide all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals that we can get from eating other foods; therefore violates what is known as “balanced diet”. It should be noted that what genes were inserted into the cassava, how this was done, and the consequences of putting all food constituents or requirements into only one food which DOES NOT naturally provide them was not revealed. Note also that Professor Ingo Potrykus claimed that the GM rice that he created, called “golden rice”, would provide all the vitamin A necessary but Greenpeace showed that “300 grams (0.7 pounds) of golden rice would at best provide 8% of the vitamin A”! A deadly lie told deliberately!

There is no independent and public confirmation of the nutrient content and safety of the cassava created by Professor Sayre and others for the IITA. It is the first and only one in the world as mush as I know. Therefore we are lab rats. The IITA has been involved in research and creation of GMOs in Nigeria for more years than anyone can say with certainty. It has been in Nigeria since about 1968. Therefore there may be a link between its research and the causes of some of the diseases in Nigeria if investigated by independent and reputed researchers or EFCC. It is obvious that it is enjoying the benefits of the mindlessness, docility, gullibility, materialism and financial corruption that characterise our political system, governance, and academics. Women have joined men and are worst than men in materialism, corruption, anti-life and anti-nationalism activities!   

Other research and development institutes in Nigeria, including the National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike (NRCRI), the Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIR), Oshodi, and the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, are promoting GMOs and GMFs. IITA agents and other promoters of GM Foods tell our farmers that the use of GMOs for farming will make their crops produce plenty foods which they can sell and earn not less than five million naira every year (N5,000,000) and that GMFs, such as cassava, peal easier, take shorter time to cook, and are testier. These are all strategies to make them use GMOs for their farming and to consume GMFs. They are not told the effects of farming with GMOs on other crops, lands and waters and the effects of consuming GMFs. What values have less cooking time, taste and ease of pealing compared with the values of good health and longevity of human life?! What benefit if there are deaths?!

Most incredibly, unfortunately, and worrisomely, the educated class of Nigerians and our governments are not demanding proofs that GMOs are safe for farming and that GMFs are safe for human and animal consumption. They take what they are told. History should teach them!


IITA’s agents revealed “peal more easily, cook faster, and are tastier”. Others are faster growth and maturity, bigger or larger size, unnatural colour and taste, a spot that looks like an infection, time of spoiling; in short, any abnormality vis-à-vis what you have always known about your raw or processed foods are warning signs that MUST be taken Very Seriously! The use of “high yielding”, “pest resistant”, “improved”, “modified” and “fortified” warn you to reject it.                                              


World governments have signed to oblige themselves to the right to life of every person. GM Foods are toxic (poisonous), allergenic, have less nutrients, and cause deadly diseases including cancers and kidney failure. Therefore, to produce, give, recommend, promote, import, impose or sustain GM foods violates the rights to safe foods and life of people and nations. Insist on safe foods; insist on your right to life. They are human rights and they are inalienable and inviolable. When you insist on your right to safe foods, you are insisting on your right to life. Insist on your right to safe foods and, hence, to life, by rejecting GM foods. GM foods production should be banned. Join in the actualisation of this in order to enjoy LONGEVITY!  


Insist on natural foods! Natural foods are SAFE foods. They give life, energy for work, promote normal growth, help fight diseases by boosting the immune system, sustain good health, develop the intellect, and engender long life. Insist on natural (safe) foods for life, good health, intelligence, good physical, physiological and other developments, longevity, and natural death. 


If Nigerians produced G.M. Foods and researchers established that they are toxic (poisonous), and cause all kinds of diseases which cause death, as it is now, and NO research has established that any GM food is safe anywhere in the world, would Americans have accepted GM foods from Nigerians and consumed them? If your answer is “No”, act right, uphold your right to life and safe foods. Save your life and the lives of your children, parents, and relations. Also act your equality with Americans as in American Declaration of Independence and in the same way that Americans enforce gender equality and the rights of the child in Nigeria, by rejecting GM foods. We are no more slaves! We are FREE! FREE! FREE! And sovereign!

In short: Act as Americans would have acted if Nigerians produced toxic (poisonous) GM foods by REJECTing G.M. FOODS entirely and resolutely until they exist no more. Our federal governments should ban their production in Nigeria and their importation. That is what the government of the USA would have done if Nigerians produced them for the USA.


What Do You Choose For Yourself OR Your Children: Long Life or Early Death?

The so-called “Food Security” cannot be achieved with GM foods because researchers have shown that GM Foods contain poisons, allergens, and fewer nutrients. Therefore, the so-called “Food Security” based on producing plenty of GM foods means that plenty toxins (poisons), allergens, and foods of less nutrients will be produced and consumed. Because GM foods cause cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney, liver, and immune system failure, and deaths, “food security”, based on GM foods, means plenty diseases and deaths; and NO LIFE SECURITY. Therefore, Nigeria’s infant and adult mortality and morbidity rates will soar very high. 

Some people claim that GM foods are safe. Some of them even claim that they are as safe as natural foods. A third group claims that there is no evidence that GM foods cause the diseases named earlier and death. Take note that these are generalised manner of speaking and that evidence is not provided that GM foods are safe or as safe as natural foods. Note also that evidences have been provided that GM foods are not safe; e.g, the first GM food, Calgene’s tomato, Flavr Savr, the Showa Denko milk that caused the death of 37 people and caused 1,500 people permanent disabilities. Monsanto’s 810 and 863 corn, alfalfa and brinjal have been shown to be unsafe. Ampicillin resistance due to “maximiser” corn marker gene and mad cow disease were caused by the genetic engineering of corn and cow. See Professor Arpard Pusztai and Dr. SWB Ewen. (1998 a and b), Lancet journal for Pusztai and Ewen (1998), Dr. Irina V. Ermakova (2005), and Drs. Fares and El Fayed (1998) as evidences. Enter and search in the internet.

Let whoever says that GM foods are safe provide independently certified or corroborated evidence. NOTE: The Cartagena Protocol on Biodiversity (2000), the Precautionary Principle, the Genetic Bill of Rights, Utmost Good Faith (Ubirima fidei) and Transparency Rule oblige the duty to demonstrate safety to intended consumer of G.M. Food by producer before they accept them for consumption. Note also that in Nigeria, we eat before we give to our visitor, using ourselves as lab rats, in order to express good intention.

It should be said, categorically, that the man who labours to solve, remove, or eradicated a problem, difficulty or adversity, such as the preponderance of diseases, food scarcity, high death rate, and bad economy, but does not deal with the First or Ultimate Cause of the diseases, food scarcity, high death rate or bad economy at all, labours in vain. In fact, such a man is a criminal because by ignoring the first cause of diseases, food scarcity, high death rate, or bad economy, he perpetuates it deliberately, in order to achieve, enhance or sustain his personal interests.

So, what do you chose for yourself OR for your children: Natural (safe) foods that give long life and good health, or G.M. Foods that are poisonous and cause diseases and early death? 

The Basic Difference Between Being Alive and Living and Between Being Educated and Indoctrinated

Most things that we need, use, and cannot do without are hazardous now or, better, deadly, including our liquid and solid foods. Moreover, our environments are polluted with toxins. The so-called developed world first told us that the ozone layer was depleting and now that there is climate change. These are happening because their corporations have taken over the running of world governments, bio-science research, politics, economics and commerce. They are godless and their religion is profit maximisation, political and social authority, power and control. They have no morality. They do not oblige themselves to moral ecology and public good. The destruction goes back to what they called “industrial age” and the process of industrialisation. 

Sadly, they use our hard-earned incomes and without these they would not be wealthy and have the power that they have and use to our detriment and death. What are you doing about this: Helping to promote and sustain it or helping to end it? Are you indifferent?

Note that doing nothing about it means helping to promote and sustain it, while if you join us of The Food-Chain Watch, or say NO to GM foods at Public Hearing, you will help to end it. One more consideration, in order to oblige myself to freedom of choice, let me ask you: Should we promote and sustain “genetic modified (poisoned) food”? Should we promote the re-engineering, by man of the genes of organisms engineered by God who is infallible, needs no money from us, has no need to sell anything and maximise profits, and who loves us?

Your answers, the exercise of your intellect, will and freedom of choice, say whether you are alive or just living and, or, whether you are educated, indoctrinated, brainwashed or bribed.

Please forward this letter to the people that you know and to the people in government: The President, his Vice, governors, federal and state legislators, the judiciary, ministers, Permanent Secretaries, influential Nigerians, Vice Chancellors, and ALL other Nigerians in and outside Nigeria. You may react to it also through the address below. Your support is asked for seriously.    

 Yours sincerely on the Safety of Foods, Longevity, and Nationalism in Nigeria, 

Prince Peter Chimeawele Pieray Odor

Pieray Awele & Associates

(Independent Researchers and Public Good Promoters, Lagos), 08022831122