Can INEC be sincere…Then PDP, APGA and AC are out

Why should People’s Democratic Party (PDP) be cleared after contravening the Electoral Guideline that the last day for submission of Forms CF001 and CF002 at the National Headquarters of the Commission shall be 6pm on Friday, 9th October, 2009


Read this memo and discover the truth… 





Attn: Prof Maurice Iwu

Thru: Chief Rowland Uwa

Dear Election Umpire,


We wish to duly and rightly bring to your notice, our stand in the forthcoming elections in our dear state. This has become pertinent as a result of very dangerous irregularities already being perpetrated by your commission.

We have observed suffered and are well-aware of the ills of the political games that are being played in Anambra State, the heat in the state and several time-bombs waiting to explode. Being the majority of the state population and off-course being the group to be worst hit by any deficiencies in the 2010 Elections, we wish to clearly state as follows:

1.      We, the Students and Youths of Anambra State have grown and shall be fortified to resist any intimidation or victimization in whatever form and/or from any place, high or low, most especially as regards the Anambra Elections 2010;

2.      Our long-time agitations for a better state and welfare via our various bodies such as Anambra Youth Movement, National Association of Anambra Students, Congress of Anambra Students and Anambra Youth Alliance have brought us under ASYA. We have petitioned, demonstrated, campaigned and are now ready for action;

3.      The absence of Students and Youths in the elections so far is to show our commitment to avoid political thuggery and bad names to our future champions;

4.      As the federation prepare for the elections so are we also preparing our members for necessary actions;

5.      We shall resist and reject thuggery, rigging, snatching of ballot boxes, wrongful replacement of candidates, foisting of contestants, writing of results in hotel rooms and any form of malpractice or oversight;

6.      We are not wishing for any particular candidate but want the whole process to be very free and fair even if the winner comes from the least known party;

7.      We shall only allow the conduct of the elections if now and always INEC stands by the three rules guiding such elections which are the Election Guidelines as published by INEC, the Electoral Act and the 1999 Constitution;

8.      Thus, we want INEC to explain the following or face the wrath of Anambra Students and Youths;

a.      Why should People’s Democratic Party (PDP) be cleared after contravening the Electoral Guideline that the last day for submission of Forms CF001 and CF002 at the National Headquarters of the Commission shall be 6pm on Friday, 9th October, 2009.

b.      Why should Action Congress and Dr Chris Ngige still be in the race after contravening the Electoral Guideline, The Electoral Act and the 1999 Constitution by campaigning on a Radio Nigeria Programme (Platform) even after INEC’s initial pardon and caution to contests to desist from doing so.

c.      How come INEC submitted original copies of CF001 and CF002 forms to Chekwas Okories and Victor Umeh returned Mr Peter Obi. How many national chairmen of APGA is INEC working with?

9.      We demand that the lawful and necessary actions be taken against these illegal game-plays as they are all tantamount to election rigging and lucid explanation be given;

10. The failure of INEC to resolve these issues calls for no election in Anambra State as we shall use every power as is legal and in defence of our rights as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution, make sure that the election do not hold.

We wish to repeat that many of us like PDP, many of us like Dr. Chris Ngige and many of us like our Governor, Mr Peter Obi but majority of us love and want a true winner, no matter who, male or female, young or old, but a true victor.


Yours in sincere struggle,

…Anambra Youth Movement

…Congress of Anambra Students

…National Association of Anambra Students

…Anambra Youth Alliance

CC:     All Student Union Governments within Anambra State,

            South-East Students Association,

            Southern Nigeria Students Congress,

            National Association of Nigerian Students,

            The Nigeria Police Force,

            The Anambra State House of Assembly,

            The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties,

            The National Assembly,

            The Presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

All Correspondence to the Alliance Secretary:

Comrade Ifeanyi Igwe., +234 702 303 3725