Claims About “Cheap” International Phone Rates; A Fact?

Claims about “Cheap” International Phone Rates! What’s The Fact, The Truth? Findings of a New In-depth Research Study on the Subject:- 

It is a matter which touches and concerns, perhaps more particularly, just about each and EVERY single IMMIGRANT person from a developing country living anywhere abroad, and has been so for years.

And what is that? The issue of the mode and means, especially by way of the telephone, by which he or she could maintain a steady communication with his (her) relations or his family and friends, back home in his native country. But, even more particularly, one by which he or she will be able to do so easily, RELIABLY, CHEAPLY, and, above all, AFFORDABLY, without breaking the bank!

A central question is, with so many international phone calling companies that swell the online marketplace today making so many claims, and sowing confusion among immigrant consumers and other frequent callers, which of the countless legion of plans that abound are TRULY the cheapest?

“Low-cost international calls at cheapest rates, at fantastic prices!” Such is the type of familiar advertising message that one commonly encounters these days almost everywhere – in the newspapers, on the billboards, on the airwaves, and, most especially in the Internet. Indeed, in some areas of towns and cities in certain countries, it’s impossible to check through your email inbox or to walk a short distance through the streets or the shopping areas, without immediately accumulating a handful of sales flyers from vendors for supposedly “low cost” budget phonecards.

Point is, since the word about it went out to the big players in the global telecommunication industry that international phone callers, especially immigrants in foreign countries with family ties to home countries, are a huge but lucrative market in demand for phone services that make the task of overseas calling extremely cheap, or even free atimes, a new wave of Internet-based phone services has cropped up with the promise and claims of almost next-to-nothing pricing. The world’s marketplace, both online and offline, have literally been flooded with a countless number of international calling cards and calling card companies and plans. But, what is more, almost each and every one of these legion of websites and calling plans and companies purport just one central thing: that its own products are the very BEST in the market, and that it (they) offer low international calling rates that are just about the most inexpensive, the cheapest and reliable, and of the highest quality in terms of the amount of “minutes” they allow, or of the caller being able to make calls without any interruptions or hassles, etc., etc.

These companies compete with the each other on who would come up with the most outlandish claims about providing the cheapest rates and the best plans! But hardly any concrete facts or evidence is often presented to back up such claims.  Most immigrants, confronted with this situation, are frequently left in the dark and confused, frequently switching rather week-by-week from one calling card to another, and perpetually searching to find that one “real” next calling card or service that actually does, in fact, deliver the kind of “minutes” promised or advertised, or the hassle-free connection claimed, etc.

In deed, for most immigrant purchasers and users of these calling cards and plans (and others), being able to make out which one or ones of these legion of cards and plans that proliferate the marketplace today (which, according to research, now number literally in the several hundreds!), are even any good at all, is one of their principal headaches and preoccupation.

Fortunately, a new research study, just released, puts this rather bewildering problem to rest once and for all for the average consumer and the immigrant caller and international phone caller or traveler. The study, backed by full documentation, and based solely upon objective independent evidence, methodologically rates, scores and ranks the major international phone services and providers based on a select major critical evaluation criteria, including comparative price rates, phone connectivity, quality of service, network/voice quality, reliability, ease of use, customer assessments and satisfaction, etc., etc.

The full report of the study can be accessed at this site:

www.YourHonestWebReviews.Com/paylessphonecalls.htmlThank you.

Benjamin Anosike, Ph.D.

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