Constant Power in Six Months

Nigeria can have uninterrupted electricity in six months and make money in the process. The licenses alone can rake in 5 billion dollars. Not to talk of the inflow of new capital and employment. We know PHCN is no longer a government parastatal. So why perpetuate the monopoly? In much the same way that telecommunications licenses were sold, Power generation and distribution licenses can be sold.

We sat back and watched MTN and co transform the telecommunications sector. We can do the same again for the power sector. Amen.

Take a city like Ibadan for instance. Ibadan should be the only city in the world of that size with epileptic power. If a couple of power plants were installed and the city is wired by the same company, the entire problem will be solved in a few months. The PHCN can continue, only that there will now be competition. This thing cannot be done without competition. Once the new companies get their licenses, we can sit back and savor our victory.