David Cameron ‘slaps down’ the Truth

The harder you slap down the truth, the harder it stubbornly refuses to be slapped down. The truth is the Tory Party is an elite party that does not really care for policies that benefit the ordinary folk. Take the NHS for example.

The modern Tory Party under David Cameron pretends to be “party of the NHS”. But the fact somehow shows otherwise, and this week this particular fact refuses to be slapped down.

David Cameron has slapped down a Tory MEP who went on American television to attack the National Health Service, dismissing his views as “eccentric”.

The Conservative leader said the NHS was a “great national institution” and that it was his party’s “number one mission” to improve it.

“The Conservative Party stands four squares behind the NHS,” he told reporters in his Oxfordshire constituency. Hear, Hear!!!

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, attacked the NHS when he told US television viewers that he “wouldn’t wish it on anybody”.

Mr Hannan favours a Singapore-style system of personal health accounts which he claims would produce better outcomes for patients at a fraction of the price.

He told US viewers that under the NHS “people are left in pain, in positions where they can’t work, where they’re losing income at the back of the queue, waiting for permission to get treatment.

Mr Hannan, MEP for South East England, became an unlikely internet star earlier this year when a video of his attack on the Prime Minister scored more than one million hits on YouTube.

Today however, it is Mr Hannan that is under attack, and this time, by the leader of his own party.

Meanwhile same goes for the MPs expenses scandal.

Alan Duncan’s a member of Cameron’s the Shadow Cabinet was forced to apologise for claiming that MPs were living on rations because of the expenses row.

David Cameron’s seeming firm stance on the expenses scandal risked being undermined after Mr Duncan, the Shadow Leader of the Commons, was taped saying that MPs had been “treated like s***” in recent months.

Cameron and William Hague, in charge in the leader’s absence, were reported to be angry and embarrassed by the affair. The remarks were recorded by Heydon Prowse, a video journalist, using a button-hole camera during a visit to the House of Commons. Mr Duncan responded to the publication of his remarks by suggesting that he had been joking. “The last thing people want to hear is an MP whingeing about his pay and conditions”.

But wasn’t Alam Duncam merely expressing what they all feel and probably voice out in private?

Lord Mandelson, the First Secretary of State, said: “Alan Duncan is very fond of speaking a good game publicly but in private talking and acting quite differently. So I am not surprised he has been found out.”

The truth about Tories refuses to be slapped down; it dodges and pokes out its unbeaten head!