Day of reckoning for failed bank chiefs

The fallen titans of Nigerian finance have been living tranquil lives since the fall of their empires at the onset of Soludo’s banking consolidation. Many of them have been rehabilitated and are now running other  businesses that are less prone to regulatory scrutiny. Most of them have shamelessly refused to repay the insider loans that crippled most of their banks. However it seems that our politicians have finally decided to bring them to book. Here’s a list of some bank chiefs who are still living the life after wrecking the lives of so many ordinary Nigerians. Chief (Prince) Samuel Adedoyin : He and his daughter, Pastor??? Sola Adeoti (Now a Redeemed pastor no less) destroyed City Express Bank.

Chief Victor Odili: Former Chairman of Liberty Bank, Now a shareholder of MTN and benefactor of Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

Chief O.B.A Kola Daisi: Former minister and ex-Chairman, Fountain Trust Bank, Transferred his assets to National Lottery and Corporate Cabs now managed by his son.

Chief Henry MacPepple: Nigeria‘s Bernie Madoff, The former chairman of Fortune International Bank nearly destroyed Wema Bank after racking up bad loans. He is now on Zenith’s Board.

Chief Leo Stan-Ekeh: He and his protege, Chika Mbonu liquidated Assurance Bank. Ekeh is now a technology pioneer??? while Mbonu spends his time attending elite parties.

Chief Ebitimi Banigo: The Master of the Game. The former minister orchestrated a public offer just before his bank went bust, taking depositors and investors money with him. Mr Ebibomo Timitimi is now the MD of Channel Oil and Gas.

Chief Olakunle Bakare is building a wonderful high-rise in Victoria Island even though a court has ordered him to refund the loot he plundered from Metropolitan Bank. Sources say that he used most of the money to finance his wife, Remi Adiukwu-Bakare’s perennial attempts to become Lagos State Governor.

By the way, a little bird told me that Bunmi Oni, the disgraced former MD of Cadbury, a man that seriously damaged the reputation of Nigerian managers, is now a pastor who occasionally chairs church conferences on ethics. Wow!