Dear IBB

You want to humiliate yourself another time abi? Its better you’re still alive today, by the special grace of God Almighty who wants every sinner to repent. He’s once again, calling you to that repentance today. Heed the voice of God and bow out of this inglorious mission you’re embarking on.

Sir, I don’t want to believe you’ve forgotten precious lives of people like Dele Giwa, M.K.O Abiola and the rest. Are they not enough sacrifices already made by the nation at forgiving you? 

Forget those sycophants who want to make us and you believe that you are coming to right the many wrongs you did to this nation and her people. You can show your goodwill and sign of remorse by donating some chunk of what you stole in government to the poor and needy members of the Nigerian public; maybe select-orphanages or charity organisations and this case will be closed. 

Events have since overtaken those atrocities of your regime. Believe me, we’ve forgiven you. And if you heed this call of backing off the presidential race, we’ll call for a national prayer session on your behalf, asking God to also forgive you. 

I earnestly look forward to a positive response from you Sir. 

May God bless the remaining part of your poor life with good health and happiness, if you heed this call. Did I hear you say AMEN!? 

Yours in the struggle to make Nigeria better,

Okwenna Ifeanyi Hons