Death threats force Fani-Kayode’s new mistress underground

Death threats force Fani-Kayode’s new mistress underground

Indications are rife that the new-found lover of a former minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Onyeka, has gone into hiding to avoid what close friends say are “mounting threats to eliminate her”.

Fani-Kayode, who hooked up with Onyeka shortly after he was allegedly betrayed by his lover of over four years, Chioma Anasoh, is said to be unsettled by the threat to Onyeka, and has been seeking advice from close friends and associates on how best to protect his heartthrob without the matter becoming public property.

Sources close to the former minister’s new mistress told that Onyeka had been receiving crank calls from a yet-to- be identified female voice warning her to “keep away from my man or face the consequences,”. The frequency of the calls reportedly heightened shortly after broke the story on Fani’s fresh affair.

“Onyeka has had to change her phone numbers, but the worry is that the calls, usually from a blocked number, keep streaming in. They often come at very late hours, forcing my friend (Onyeka) to turn off her phones once it is 10 pm,” offered the source, adding, “But this has not been effective as her phones usually beep with threat messages once they are turned on in the mornings.”

Some of the text messages said to have been received by Onyeka read, “Fire burns; FFK (Femi Fani-Kayode) is mine for life; Oil and water do not mix, so FFK can’t have you and me at the same time; By the time I finish with you, you shall not have any place to hide; You may be the third wife, but l remain the second. Period,” among others.

On who the suspect is the source offered: “You know that lady (Chioma) sold out to the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission), thinking it would be a good way to rid herself of FFK, thereby avenge his refusal to take her as wife number two. As you may know, the case is not likely to go the way of EFCC and Chioma.

“One theory is that, having failed to nail FFK, and nearing the end of her tether, the Chioma I know, being a desperate lady who has been known to do several desperate and diabolic things, would naturally not have any qualms with destroying Onyeka, if any opportunity reared its head” the lady explained.

Tasked on the possibility of the crank calls actually emanating from anybody but Chioma wife, the source said: “That possibility is very, very remote. Mind you that we can actually use antecedents to predict a person’s behavior, even though that may be misleading sometimes.

“Chioma has a history of running any lady who as much as winked at FFK out of town. There is this Ada girl whose father Chioma actually threatened to kill. Well, the girl’s dad died two months later in very mysterious circumstances and Chioma popped champagne,” the lady offered.

The lady, who is believed to have known Fani-Kayode for at least 10 years, told how the former minister, friends and associates battled to help cure Chioma of the mental condition known as kleptomania.

She narrated how Chioma would embarrass Fani-Kayode by lifting such things as jewelry, small electronics, artworks, among other valuables, from the homes of his very close friends, particularly his colleague-ministers at the time.

“There was this particular incident where some of us, FFK and Chioma inclusive, visited the then FCT ( Federal Capital Territory) minister, Mallam el-Rufai. We were all in the living room, engrossed in the discussions and arguments over (former President) Obasanjo’s problem with (his Veepee) Atiku.

“The discussion was terminated b el-Rufai’s wife, who ran into the sitting room, yelling. Lo and behold was Chioma, in her bedroom, with her bag stuffed with the woman’s jewelry. The embarrassment was beyond description. Not that this was her first time, but to have done it to somebody like el-Rufai, I mean, we were so humiliated,” she recounted.

The lady source also told why, in late 2006, Fani-Kayode was in the news as reports wafted in that one of his security aides fired gunshots in the precincts of the federal secretariat.

She recounted: “ SSS (secret service) personnel do not subscribe to the bunkum called accidental discharge. Chioma was sighted by some of the security men in the federal secretariat attempting to remove some ministry (of aviation) property. When they made to arrest her, one of the details attached to FFK, sensing the embarrassment that would cause his boss, fired several shots in the air. With the security men scared stiff off their skins, Chioma, the security detail and her driver bolted.

“l guess it was only Daily Trust (newspaper) that reported the incident, because FFK had to beg the editors not to run such ignominious story on his mistress in their papers. That close shave that almost ruined the career of the SS personnel did not deter Chioma from continuing to lift things, even when it was apparent to the blind that she had literarily every good thing that money can buy. I guess it is the medical condition thing,” she lamented.

On what FFK and his new mistress were doing about the threats, the source disclosed that they were adopting a wait-and-see approach, hoping that, somehow, the mysterious caller would cease to call, or be apprehended.

In the meantime, Onyeka is said to be avoiding public places such as cinemas and supermarkets, and has hired a bodyguard. “The life of this girl who used to be so outgoing has been so constricted that she is verging on frustration,” the source added.