Ekiti INEC Boss Rescinds Resignation…May be too late – Dora Akinyuli

Ekiti INEC Boss Rescinds Resignation…May be too late – Dora Akinyuli

Sunday, she absconded from Ekiti, because she was mandated to announce the result from Ido-Osi, which she alleges was collated in a police station under the instruction of someone from Osun state. Monday, she threatened to resign if the undue pressure did not cease and desist. Tuesday, she made good her threat, resigned, was applauded and described as a courageous hero. But in a dramatic twist, she rescinded her decision Wednesday, after a forty five minutes meeting with Maurice Iwu. Now, Bola Tinubu is screaming blue murder, as his three hundred million naira induced resignation, lasted but for a day, while Opeyemi Bamidele is screaming aluta continual, but victoria has refused to acerti .

Thursday, and subsequent days in the Ekiti re-run saga , certainly are interesting times, as this chameleonic rigmarole by the inconstant resident election commissioner, Mrs. Adebayo is suspect.
Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo
Emerging indication reveals that Mrs. Adebayo aka mama is rehearsing a well orchestrated script by politicians, who are determined to captured Ekiti by all means. PDP accused her of hobnobbing with AC, but the Ido-Osi result, which she claim precipitated her purported resignation favored PDP. However, her quit notice which was never received by INEC, was addressed to the President. But the president did not hire her. And just before press time the Ekiti election mess, ,took a new twist, as Mrs. rebrand Nigeria, Dora Akinyuli said “Federal Government may change its stand and accept the resignation of the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Ekiti State”.

Recall that preceding weeks to re-run election, forewarned of the unfolding brouhaha, and cautioned

“ as the re-run election draws near, it would require an objective steps on the part of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), the police, community leaders (such as traditional rulers) to avert a catastrophe that could lead to another state of emergency in Ekiti. This is obvious in view of the desperation of PDP and AC and their almost equal strength. While PDP is basking in euphoria of being in control of Federal Government and implicit control of INEC and the security apparatus; AC relies heavily on the populace and the fact that it had the higher votes in the remaining legitimate votes in the disputed elections of 2007 as contained in the verdict of the Court of Appeal”.

Weighed down by a perturbed conscience, mama refused her repeat her trick, bear in mind, that on April 14th 2007, Chief Mrs. Olusola Akoya Adebayo aka Mama, acting on the instruction of Baba Iyabo, fraudulently imposed Engr. Segun Oni as governor of Ekiti state. This imposition was upheld by a heavily compromised electoral tribunal in December 2008, with a unanimous decision.

Our checks revealed that the embattled 74 year old octogenarian, Chief Mrs. Olusola Ayoka Adebayo, arrived at the headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at exactly 2.04pm, in a silver-coloured M Class Mercedes Jeep ML 350 model with registration number CW 507 ABJ, held a 45-minute closed door meeting with the management of the Commission led by its Chairman, Prof. Maurice Iwu. Consequently, she proceeded to NPF, where she allegedly met in camera with the inspector general police, Michael Okiro. Afterwards her story line changed and the rest is history.