Embattled Governor Babatunde R Fashola Pull Out of London Event

fasholaQuestions would be asked if the crisis in Lagos state is not affecting governance, Governor Babtunde Fashola was scheduled to attend a high profile event in London at the chathamhouse. The event till Thursday night advertised Fashola as one of the speakers; he was scheduled to speak for two days. However speaking with Kayode Ogundamisi at about 09.30 am on Friday Febuary 2010 Ms Georgina Wright confirmed that Governor Fashola “pulled out at the last minute”

Embattled Governor of Lagos State Babatunde R Fashola (Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria) was scheduled to speak on; The Future Of Cities, on Monday 8th February and Tuesday 9th February 2010 at Chatham House London. 

Further conference details can be found on; , tel: 02079575729.


Yoruba. “ A ko kin fi ina si orule sun” so wise move by Fashola. 

You want Fash to attend conference in London and then they do to him what was done to Yakubu Gowon when facing uprising at home and chose to attend OAU conference in Kampala? 

Gov Fashola is not beyond being probed. He should be probed and if the panel find him wanting the full weight of the law should be applied. 

Now my rider. The probe should also include the 8 years before Fashola and if possible that of Oyinlola and beyond.

MY DISGUST: Fashola should be very weary of those people opposing the probe. That will be his nemesis; it is in his interest that the probe must take place. He will be having “emergency advisers” now. Good governance is not only about good roads and beautification, it is also about transparency; all our struggle against James Ibori and others will come to nothing if we shout down those who have allegations of corruption. As a SAN Fashola can defend himself and defend himself he must. 

The Pro Fashola people are doing a great de service to democracy by insisting probing Fashola is anti democratic, what they should ensure is that the probe should be transparent and all inclusive. Vis the house of assembly should also take serious allegation against members and ask for an independent probe. 

Lagos in my opinion remain the craddle of progress and political sophistication. 

Also Fashola going public to say all is well reminds me of comical Alli. All is deffinately not well in Lagos and those of us who have a stake in the state must rise up to the challenge. One way out is to put a stop to political demagoguery either in the person of Fashola or Tinubu. Truth should be told to those we call leaders otherwise it is just a bofuneary. 

Lesson learnt? Next time the Action Congress or any other party is having a primary (S) Election they will hopefully do away with the politics of “Baba So pe” and let the people have a say on who becomes what. That politics of oath of allegiance to a godfather is driving people away from politics in Nigeria and Mua inclusive. 

Eko ba je ti!


Kayode Ogundamisi