Everything stands or falls on leadership

After reading Tee’s reponse, i have been engrossed in a deep thought.I asked myself,would Nigerians be involved in the activities of the government of the day if we pay tax or are we going to be as passive as usual?According to Utomi’s opinion,maybe Nigerians will be more concerned about the way our leaders or rulers spend our money if we pay tax.Then i asked myself,would payment of taxes actually make us more involved in activities of government without the proper regulations being put in place to enable these taxes not to be pocketed by itchy-hand elites or public officers?My opinion is that even if we pay tax,Nigerians will still be as passive as ever as long as there is no proper regulations and laws to punish whoever divert the tax and to prevent or make it difficult for anybody to divert the money.Before we are taxed like the developed country,people must be taught their right and what these taxes are mean for.Would Pat please tell me what action have been taken by Nigerians on NEPA who charged fix rate every month and yet many areas weren’t even given power for months and yet their cable were brought down when they didn’t pay their bills?Pat,Nigerians have been oppressed for many years that we don’t know our right anymore.In my opinion,we are not ripe to pay tax and Nigeria as a country is not matured enough to introduce any kind of taxation on the masses