Expose the Shenanigans


Fellow Nigerians, It is my pleasure to start this cause on FACEBOOK with you, please read and decide if it is something you will like to be part of. Your suggestions are welcome.  

We are forming a movement to make sure that Nigerians everywhere regularly receive the massive expose of the atrocious activities perpetrated by Shenanigans that ravage Nigeria, whether in the name of government, religion or business.

It is no longer news that The Nigerian Press has abdicated their Responsibilities to hold these rapacious individuals to account. Thankfully, Cyber journalism has stepped in to fill the void.  As stated by Ephraim Adinlofu: Cyber journalism is critical and uncompromised journalism at its best. It emerged as a result of the sharp but very crucial contradictions being thrown up every day by the Nigerian brand and practice of primitive capitalism. A brand that projects high profile corruptions among the few but promotes hunger, misery and indigence among the many.   

Yes, you may frequent Saharareporters, Ukpaka Reports, Huhuonline etc, etc (there are many other Nigeria websites you may not have heard of) but what about your brethren in Nigeria, who might not afford the 200 Naira per minute to browse the internet. They only go online probably once a week.

We are determined to send these EXPOSE to you and into their inbox and e-mails regularly so that no one misses out on any issue; this knowledge would enlighten everyone to the corrupt activities that is committed in our name and that give Nigerians a bad name.  

Register with this movement and be a part of this effort to reclaim Nigeria. You can send any relevant news link you discover. Some may be funny, salacious or scandalous. Let’s expose their dirty secrets so that together we can hopefully stop their nefarious activities.


(Read these news links as a background to this cause




Facebook Platform presents an unprecedented opportunity to engage our generation, most of whom are on Facebook, in seizing the future and making a difference in the world around us. Our generation cares deeply, but the current system has alienated us. Causes provides the tools so that any Facebook user can leverage their network of real friends to effect positive change.


The goal of all this is what we call “equal opportunity activism.” We’re trying to level the playing field by empowering individuals to change the world. We’re democratizing activism by empowering activists with an arsenal of tools for users of Facebook who want to leverage their network on Facebook to effect positive change.

 Any Facebook user with a little passion and initiative can create a cause, recruit their friends into that cause, keep everybody in the cause up-to-speed on issues and media related to the cause

This is a natural evolution of social networking. Leveraging real world social networks is an important part of activism and political campaigning. Given all this, it’s a bit surprising that online social networks haven’t been more aggressively leveraged until now.



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