Gay Activist

Who is a gay activist? There is nothing called a gay activist in my dictionary. Gay people are some people that need counselling and psychological help as far as I am concerned.
For the first time our black people are showing some sign of independence from the “white people”. We used to swallow line, hook and sinker all the trash the white people used to throw at us. For the first time however, we are asserting our independence.
Sodomy has been with man since time immemorial. It is not new. Humanity has always disapprove of it. As far as I am concern it is an act that emanated from lecherous, concupiscent and lascivious perigrination as a result of man interest in scoptophilia and voyeurism. There is nothing genetic or molecular about it. We all have the capacity to be gay as much as we all have the capacity to lick or suck human genitalia of either sex. People embark on these sexual escapades out of their own psychological and sociological awareness in search of the mythical libidinous crescendo called orgasm.
It is like the same argument about male or female circumcision. Male circumcision is good but female circumcision is not. The argument is that it mutilates the female genitalia and deprive the women of the great orgasm. What a smart argument. I have met and known many females in my lifetime that are circumcised, and that do not have any problem with achieving this pinnacle of sexual desire, ‘the great orgasm’. We only consider one side of a story. Our forefathers are not completely ignorant. I even think that they are wiser than our present generation since they invented most of the amenities we are enjoying today. They did not bring us to this level by voyeurism. They held certain things as sacrosanct. The right of the society supercedes that of the individual. We need to keep this rule if we want to keep humanity sane for the unborn generations. Gay marriage is an aberration and should remain so.
Assuming that homosexuality is even genetic and of molecular origin. Gay marriage should stil be illegal since the genetic occurrence is atypical. Marriage should be and must remain a union between people of opposite sex. I support the National Assembly in this bill.