Gay Activities

In predominant Africa society, Culture, Religion and etiquette has been moulded in such a way to reflex decency and morality from generation to generation.
The presence of the white man on African soil heralded a mix a pack of curse and blessing. It has been known all along that the presence of western civilization left many negative impacts just as it left many positive impacts on the lives of many Africans. Those who are obsessed with the white man’s ways of life are busy copying the most obnoxious aspects of their culture. There should be a clear dichotomy between what is African moral standard and the white man’s standard which were punishable by death or jail terms in their countries ages ago.
In the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s Gay were either killed or jailed in the Western world. For instance Oscar Wide, a famous British write, a bisexual, was sentenced to death for being a gay. For the seek of political correctness, the western society has recognized Gay men and Women in spite of their recognition, many people in the West has many unpalatable reservations about them.
The hatred and attacks on Gay men and women is on the increase in the Western world. The government is finding it as absurd or rather, a pill very hard to swallow to grant gay partners (women and women or men and men) equal state privileges with straight partners (husbands and wives ie men and women).
The discrimination against gay people is western world is worse than racial segregation as it were in the 1920s, to early 70s or what was obtainable in Apartheid regime of Southern Africa.
Having said that, if gay men and women are having a tough time in the most advanced countries of the world then, it would be a wishful thinking for any Nigerian to continue to dream that Gay men and women should be accepted, given all state privileges in a society that is founded on moral principles and highly religious.
For those who view gay men and women from the religious perspective, none of these three religion are in support of gay activities; African Traditional Religion, Christianity and Islamic religion. All these three religion are in harmony on this subject.
The white man has brought education, civilization and development to African just as they have cajoled Africans into believing many lies and exploiting them of their human and material resources. The Africans are still learning to filter what went wrong and right at the time the white man stepped their foot on the African soil the first time and up to the time they gained independent from them. African will only accept what they deemed right and what is in harmony with our set moral standards from the white man this time around and we would reject any attempt to pollute our set culture with things that are dangerously threaten to dissolve our morals standard, norms and values into oblivion.
There is no curriculum for gay people in our educational system, there are no sermons that has been written to exalt gay people in our regions and the government has no strategic policies for gay people. Gay men and women who are clamouring for acceptance, privileges and recognition in Nigeria should wake up and face the fact that they are alien in Nigeria. They had better watch it or else calamity might befall them.
Nigerians would accept Gay people if only the West who colonized Africa with pistol on one hand and the Bible on the other can publicly confess that the Bible stories are mere stories especially the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah. Tell Africans Sodom and Gomorrah stories in the Bible were fabrication to condemn Gay people or otherwise Nigeria being a country that is very religious even though most people are hypocrites would never accept Gay people as humans, they would prefer to be closely associated with HIV and leprosy patients than to allow the wrath of God to fall on them.