Genetically Modified foods and the Nigeria Government

NO G.M. Food has been certified safe anywhere in the world by any independent and public safety research; the researchers and the big corporations that finance them are not giving the practice up because of money, political and economic authority and power. But A bill has successfully passed the First Reading at the National Assembly intended for making the production and consumption of the foods given the name “genetically modified foods” a MUST for Nigerians!


I saw the title used here written on transportation vehicles while I was a child. It amused me when I read it. As I grew up, it became clear to me that it reflected the reality of hatred, wickedness, and man’s inhumanity to man in the societies, because I saw these in many places.

As a researcher into the application of genetic engineering to the production of foods, I recall that saying, “If men were God”, and it is clear to me that many genetic engineers, biotechnologists and molecular biologists are acting “If men were God” because they extract DNAs and genes from  more than one organism and transfer them into one organism which is completely species-different and distinctive vis-à-vis the species of the organisms from which the DNAs or genes were extracted, using viruses, bacteria and gene gun.

Although they create harmful and deadly foods known as genetically modified foods (G.M. Foods), they are saying that all nations MUST accept the practice and the foods because of short and long term commercial and political benefits. The worst benefit is the knowledge about the proteins that al the codes in genes express in order to use these to  determine everything about people, including height, intelligence, look, how long people live, and the disease that will cause their death. “If men were God” is evident.  

Despite the new and very deadly strains of viruses and bacteria that the transfer of foreign DNAs and genes create—e.g., HIV, monkey B virus, bird flu virus, E coli diseases—and despite the fact that there is no more dividing line between infants’ diseases and old people’s diseases; and despite the fact that NO G.M. Food has been certified safe anywhere in the world by any independent and public safety research, the researchers and the big corporations that finance them are not giving the practice up because of money, political and economic authority and power. That is “If men were God”.

If not banned, in a definite time in the future, the governments and groups that have this skill will not fire any shot or worry to send soldiers to any country that they want to deal with. They will use genetically modified foods (G.M. Foods), and no one can live without foods.

Let us act right now by banning the criminality and Satanism of the production of G.M. foods until independent researchers establish worldwide and consistently that they are safe for human and animal consumption and that G.M. Organisms do not harm the fertility of our soil and poison our crops, waters and environments.


G.M. Foods are the foods produced by transferring DNAs—the source of physical life and the different characteristics of living creatures— and genes from more than one living creature to one different living creature, using viruses and bacteria. This makes them contain toxins (poisons), allergens, less nutrients, carcinogens, etc.

They exist as cassava, rice, soya, sorghum, beans, corn, yam, cow pea, millet, vegetables, tomatoes, fruits, oils, etc, and as any form of food  that these are processed to give: e.g., gari, foofoo, iyan, amala, akara, maimai (moimoi), bread, milk, butter, beer, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, all beverages, and water. Foods also include the things that we add to give taste, colour or preserve our liquid and solid foods.


G.M. Foods weaken or devastate the immune system and cause diabetes, kidney diseases and failure, heart diseases and failure, cancers, deformities, infertility, aggressive behaviour, diseases of the brain, allergic reactions, …, and death.  Note that any of these, except allergic reaction, takes a long time to manifest and, therefore, it would not be known that food caused it or what food caused it! Unfortunately pathologists do not investigate foods as First causes!


It is, unfortunately, NOT a matter of quantity. It is a matter of the biological or immunological interference and activity or both of the foreign element or elements in a G.M. Food.


G.M. Foods are grown in Nigeria and are also imported. They are found on our farms, in the markets, supermarkets, where we eat fast foods, in our homes, on our dining tables, and in our stomachs. The International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, is probably the greatest creator of the so-called genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with which the so-called genetically modified foods (G.M. Foods) are produced. The institute has been creating GMOs and distributing them. E.g., cassava stems given to ignorant village people and school children for use in farming. But I do not know of any G.M.O created by the institute that has been subjected to safety test by an independent body of knowledgeable researchers who use both animals and people for their safety test and which confirmed them safe for farming or confirmed their produce safe for human and animal consumption.

The IITA plans another field testing of G.M. cassava that was created by Professor Richard Sayre and others this year. The research and development was funded by more than $12.1 million in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They claimed that the cassava will provide all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals that we can get from eating a lot of different foods—a food culture known as “balanced diet”—in one cassava-based meal. It should be noted that how this was done and the consequences of putting all food constituents and requirements in only one food which DOES NOT have the genes that express (produce) them naturally was  not revealed. Note also that Professor Ingo Potrykus made the same claim regarding the G.M. rice that he created and called “Golden rice”, and that his claim about its vitamin A content was shown to be false by researchers for Greenpeace.

No public and independent safety test carried out yet on the cassava created by Sayre and others for the IITA as mush as I know. I do not know if field testing has been carried out or not. The IITA, Ibadan, has partnership with the United States International Agency for Development (USAID) which is known as a very big and terrible promoter of the production of GMOs and G.M. Fs and the consumption of G.M. Foods. The IITA has been involved in research and creation of GMOs in Nigeria for more years that anyone can say with certainty. It has been in Nigeria since not less than forty years. It cannot be excused on food-source diseases in Nigeria. 

Other research and development institutes in Nigeria, including the National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike, and the FIIRO are also involved in GMO creation. The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology is promoting it through its National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Abuja. Farmers in our villages are told that the use of GMOs for farming will make their crops produce plenty foods which they can sell and earn not less than five million naira every year (N5,000,000) as the strategy to make them use GMOs. They are also told that G.M. Fs, such as cassava, peal easier, take shorter time to cook, and are testier. These are all strategies to make them use GMOs for their farming and to consume G.M.Fs. They are not told the effects of farming with GMOs on other crops, lands and waters and the effects of consuming G.M.Fs.  What value have less cooking time, taste and eased of pealing compared with supplying the necessary energy, healthy growth, and longevity of human life?!

Most incredibly, unfortunately, and worrisomely, the educated class of Nigerians and our governments are not demanding proof that  G.M.Os are safe for use in farming and that G.M.Fs are safe for human and animal consumption. They are using us as laboratory rats and guinea pigs!


Several signs were given here earlier by the IITA agents: Peal more easily, cook in less time, and are tastier. Faster growth and maturity, bigger or larger size, unnatural colour and taste, a spot that has a different colour as a sign of infection, early spoiling time, and any other abnormality or irregularity vis-à-vis what you have always known about your raw foods and sources of foods are warning signs that MUST be taken very seriously.                                              


World governments have signed to oblige themselves to the right to life of every person. G.M. Foods are toxic (poisonous), have less nutrients, and cause deadly diseases including cancers. Therefore, to produce, give, recommend, promote, import, impose or sustain G.M. Foods violates the rights to life and safe foods of people and nations. Insist on safe foods; insist on your right to life. They are human rights and they are inalienable and inviolable. When you insist on your right to safe foods, you are insisting on your right to life. Insist on your right to safe foods and, hence, to life, by rejecting G.M. foods. G.M. Foods production should be banned. Join in the actualisation of this. 


Insist on natural foods. Natural foods are SAFE foods, give life, promote normal growth, help fight diseases by boosting the immune system, sustain good health, develop the intellect, and make you live long life. Insist on natural (safe) foods for life, good health, intelligence, physical, physiological and other developments, longevity, and natural death.


If Nigerians began the production of G.M. Foods, based on the truth that researchers have established that they are toxic (poisonous), cause all kinds of diseases which cause death, and NO research has established that any G.M. Food is safe anywhere in the worlds, would Americans have accepted G.M. Foods from Nigerians and consumed them? If your answer is “No”, act right, uphold your human right to life and safe foods, save your life and the lives of your children, parents, and relations. Also act your equality with Americans as in American Declaration of Independence and in the same way that Americans enforce gender equality and the rights of the child in Nigeria, by rejecting G.M. Foods.

In short: Act as Americans would have acted if Nigerians produced toxic (poisonous) G.M. Foods by REJECTing G.M. FOODS entirely and resolutely until they exist no more. Our federal governments should ban their production in Nigeria and importation. That is what the government of the USA would have done if Nigeria or any other country produced them.

What Do You Choose For Yourself OR Your Children: Long Life or Early Death?

The so-called “Food Security” cannot be achieved with G.M. Foods because researchers have shown that G.M. Foods contain poisons, allergens, and fewer nutrients. Therefore,  the so-called “Food security” based on producing plenty of G.M. Foods means that plenty toxins (poisons), allergens, and foods of less nutrients all of which will cause more cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney, liver, and immune system failure, and deaths. Mortality rate will increase. 

Some people dismiss this fact by saying: “It is not true that G.M. Foods are toxic, allergenic, contain fewer nutrient, and cause diabetes, cancers, kidney disease, liver disease, weak immune system and, therefore, are not safe for consumption”; or by saying: “There is no evidence”.

Take note that both are generalised manner of speaking and that evidence is not provided that G.M. Foods are not toxic, allergenic, have less nutrients, and cause diabetes, cancers, kidney disease, liver disease, weak immune system, or harm to the mucosa of the stomach and intestine.

Let whoever says that G.M. Foods are safe provide his or her evidence and independently certified or corroborated evidence. NOTE: The Cartagena Protocol on Biodiversity (2000), Article 15 of the Rio Conference, the Genetic Bill of Rights, Utmost Good Faith (Ubirima fidei) and Transparency Rule oblige safety and duty to demonstrate safety to intended consumer of G.M. Food by producer before acceptance would be made.

It should be said, categorically, that the man who labours to solve, remove, or eradicated a problem, difficulty or adversity, such as the preponderance of diseases, food scarcity, high death rate, and bad economy, but does not deal with the First or Ultimate Cause of the diseases, food scarcity, high death rate or bad economy at all, labours in vain. In fact, such a man is a criminal because by ignoring the cause of the preponderance of diseases, food scarcity, high death rate, or bad economy, he perpetuates it and he may be doing so deliberately, in order to achieve, enhance or sustain his personal gain, benefits, advantage, or other forms of interests.

So, what do you chose for yourself OR for your children: Natural foods that are safe and give long life and good health, or G.M. Foods that are poisonous and cause diseases and early death? 

The Difference Between Being Alive and Living, and Between Being Educated and Indoctrinated

Most things that we need and cannot do without are hazardous now or, better, deadly, including our liquid and solid foods. Moreover, our environments are polluted with toxins. These are happening because big corporations have taken over the running of world governments, bio-science research, politics, economics and commerce.

Sadly, they use our hard-earned incomes and without these they would not be wealthy and have the power that they have and use to our detriment and death. What are you doing about this: Helping to promote and sustain it or helping to end it?

Note that doing nothing about it means helping to promote and sustain it, while if you join us of The Food-Chain Watch, you will help to end it.

One more consideration, in order to oblige myself to freedom of choice, let me ask you: Should we promote and sustain it or end it?

Your answer, an exercise of your freedom of choice, puts you somewhere in the title of this inquirer without the author of the inquirer violating the freedom of choice rule or your freedom of choice.  

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