Ghana: Coup detat Ahead

A former Minister for Information in the NPP administration and member of Parliament for Okere constituency, Hon. Dan Botwe says he has noticed a coup detat ahead in the country as indicated by what ex-President J. J. Rawlings has said publicly things are not moving on in the right direction so action must be taken.

In an interview with Peace FM, Botwe referred listeners to 1981 when ex president Rawlings organized a coup detat against Dr. Hilla Limann after similar complaints just as he is doing to President Mills now. To make his analyses more concrete, Hon. Botwe reminded Ghanaians not to forget that ex-president Rawlings brought Dr. Limann to power, just the way he helped to bring Professor Mills to power.

According to him, this shows that the former President expects people he brings to power to kowtow him, so if president Mills fails, he could use all means to overthrow him like the way he did to former President Limann in 1981.

Dan Botwe was speaking in reaction to former president Rawlings statement that President Mills is slow and weak in governing the nation. The former President had also gone further to say that President Mills is not ensuring a dynamic government and was not putting things in their right perspectives.

According to the former President, even some people in the NDC administration were against President Mills style of ruling. Expressing his deep fear for the situation, Hon. Botwe appealed to the Christian Council, Muslims and National Peace Council to intervene because as a person who experienced what happened in 1981, I am very much afraid. He added that ex-President Rawlings can do anything for power.