Ghana: Crisis in the NDC

Accra: The President John Evans Atta Mills National Democratic Congress (NDC) government has been exposed again. Following the sensational outbursts of former President Jerry John Rawlings that President Mills government is moving in the wrong direction with average

capacity, it has emerged that major embarrassing scenes have cropped up in the government.

The Vanguard has learnt that J.J. Rawlings has attacked the presence of all sorts of people at the Castle, especially those in the Vice-Presdient John Mahama’s office who have been allocated big vehicles and drawing on the national purse without any meaningful contribution.

It is becoming obvious that President Mills is in great difficulty in submitting his full list of presidential staff to the Council of State and subsequently to parliament because of the large number of operatives at the Castle, most of whom took seats without authorization.

The Vanguard investigations indicate that the large number at the Castle will be reduced drastically with key offices being affected. It is also understood that the vehicles received and retrieved from former President John Agyekum Kufuor’s administration cannot be accounted for leading to accusations and recriminations from all quarters including party operatives who raised the matter at the Ravico hotel meeting on Monday.

The so-called gang of five is also alleged to have issued commands that the State House should be the centre of power for the Mills administration.

The team led by P.V. Obeng is said to be the force behind President Mills, which has been the most irritating factor in Rawlings complaints against Prez. Mills.

Rawlings claims that the P.V. Obeng led group is not credible and believes that the Ahwoi’s, Kwame Peprah and Kojo Tsikata should be distanced room Mills in order for the NDC to pursue the agenda of running Ghana and the NPP down.

Indeed, the feud between Rawlings, Mahama and the P.V. group is so deep-seated that it has become the bitter battle for the soul for the NDC with very major implications for the 2012 elections.

Somehow, it has been agreed that President Mills will not stand for the 2012 elections leading to the major groups looking for a Mills successor even at this early stage of the NDC government.

More revelations indicate a major crisis in the party and government with the poor Presdient being the pawn in the deadly game of ethnic conflict and power struggle.