Gold-Rush: the scramble to marry Yar’dua’s daughters

The Yar’Adua girls have simply become the hottest merchandise for most of Nigeria’s opportunistic, treasure-hunting elites and some wealthy but failed husbands. Next on the betrothal line is Aisha Yar`Adua, the beautiful 22-year old daughter of President Umaru Musa Yar`Adua , who in a couple of months will tie her nuptial. Though diamonds are described as a girl`s best friend, nuptial dates are certainly a girl`s happiest day and the dream of every father. President Yar`Adua’s giving away of his seven daughters, learnt may after all be his seven-point agenda for his family.

President Musa Yar`dua

The question now is, who will she be joined to? Recently she was sighted in social circles with an oil dealer, whom she introduced as her fiancé to a source.

However, emerging feelers suggest that there are subterranean moves by a certain Governor, with very close ties to the Yar`Adua, family, to join the race to land beautiful Aisha.

Tagged third-point agenda, Aisha `s nuptial race will certainly be an exciting one to watch as there are indication that the list of contenders are getting longer than the list of pretenders. checks reveals that the traditional route to financial success in Nigeria are hard work, risk-taking and maybe building one’s own business, but lately, marrying money has become the latest trend in the path to acquiring wealth that isn’t talked about quite as much these days.

Even after people acquire wealth; their insatiable appetite still wants more. They want more money and ultimately they want power. The desperate quest for power in Nigeria`s political circles has made politicians, of northern extract to fall over themselves in the bid to marry one of President Yar’Adua`s girl who have literally become a prized trophy in elite circles.

Yar’dua`s first daughter married the Governor of Kebbi state. Since the marriage, life has not been the same for Kebbi state governor and his cronies, as things drastically became better. Our checks reveal that the incumbent minister of FCT got his plump job because of the union.

Could be recalled that in May 2007, Adamu Aliero, anointed, the present governor of Kebbi state to succeed him. As an act of appreciation, the godfather was elevated to the FCT ministry, after Zainab’s marriage.

Impeccable sources confided in that Adamu Aliero was made minister by Zainab. In the spirit of keeping it in the family, it was Adamu Aliero who told Nigerians that President Umaru Yar`Adua will seek a second term in office.

Recently, the governor of Bauchi state, Isah Yaguda also married Nafisa, Yar’dua`s second daughter, since then he has become a major player in Nigeria’s power circles, though he belonged to the opposition party, he has since crossed to the PDP.

As a result of this union, Yuguda has been tipped to replace the Central Bank Governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo when his tenure elapses.

However, sources reveal that his young wife Nafisa, like her mom, Turai has keen interest in being first lady. Though she is wife number four, she is scheming to supplant the three older wives, but, the reigning first lady of Bauchi state is not giving up her position without a fight, but sources within government circles in Bauchi state, said, “Considering the fact that Isa Yuguda is a very ambitious man, she is likely to lose to Nafisa.”