Governor Peter Obi should account for over N10Billion he has Collected as Security Votes from the Coffers of Anambra State

Gov Peter ObiGovernor Peter Obi should account for over 10 Billion Naira he has Collected as Security Votes from the Coffers of Anambra State

The theme of the on-going ASA -USA Convention ‘Securing lives and property in Anambra State – Strategy for sustainable Economic Development and Democracy’ presents a unique opportunity for Anambrarians to access the performance of the Governor, Mr Peter Obi in this vital area of governance.

2. The unacceptable high level of insecurity in Anambra state poses a real threat to sustainable economic and political development in Anambra state as investors and potential ones are fleeing the state in droves.

3. The matter has become so serious that even Anambrarians living outside the state are now reluctant to visit their homes and those living in the state are relocating to cities outside the state!

4. Mr Peter Obi, Governor of Anambra state collects between N300 Million and N400 Million every month as security votes, averaging more than N10 billion Naira since he came into office.

5. Can Mr Peter Obi explain to Anambrarians whether this huge sum has been exclusively deployed for security of lives and property in the state?

6. Can His Excellency explain the recent interception by the police of the sum of N255 Million Naira in cash in an Anambra state government vehicle on a Sunday in front of his private office in Apapa, Lagos without insulting our intelligence?

7. The Governor had claimed that the money was withdrawn by his in-law, a state government contractor, to buy cars for Anambra state government! But if one may ask, is there any car dealer in Nigeria that accepts cash for purchase of cars?

8. Was the N255 Million part of the usual monthly security votes which by practice is taken by the Governor in cash?

9. Can the propaganda that the Anambra state House of Assembly cleared the Governor stand up to scrutiny?, in any case , is the Anambra House of Assembly a law enforcement agency?

10. Anambrarians had so much hope and trust that Mr Peter Obi would be different with respect to the fleecing of the public treasury.



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