He Steps Down; He Steps Down Not. Is Ribadu Serious At All?

Written by Dominic Ogbonna
He Steps Down, then he Steps down not!  Is baby-Ribadu Serious at all?
When a first-time politician looses his first political contest, he should at least come out of it looking stronger and more experienced for the next round.
Ribadu has traveled the reverse direction! He started out looking good and strong, and he is now ending in ignominy and loneliness! Would ACN hire him again for the next round ??
Ribadu has practically lost all his close friends, including El-Rufai, all of whom think he is a now self-serving and opportunistic braggart! After dancing kokoma in defence of Tinubu, he has now earned a deserved reputation as another duplicitous politician and straight-faced liar!  To make everything much worse, long before push even came to shove, Ribadu embraced his ethnic gang-up, showing that he can not be trusted to safe-keep the progressive mantle! During the Presidential debates, and whenever he has had to answer questions about his plans for the country, Ribadu came across as more of an empty suit!
Can someone put the young man out of his misery? Since Ribadu has already joined the IBB-Gusau-Atiku-Ciroma old brigade alliance, it is time for ACN to decapitate the dummy man heading its ticket!
ACN, throw your full support behind Jonathan, and once we get rid of the hovering Generals,  let us hold Jonathan’s feet to the fire, and roast his balls after the election!