hello sir

Hello Mr Daniel Elombah, compliment of the day to you. am very much glad and very proud for such a man like you…. can i say u are a kind of unique been that i have ever meant……………….. your biafra story prove to me how intellectual u are ……….. what a great honour … pls sir if i may ask , assuming i find my self in europen refuges camp, and as an a biafra man, and also decide to claim a biafra in other to get a quick papper… but now i dont beleiev on my ability towards biafra war and the situation of the refuges, pls could u help me out…………. tell me a short stroy with a great point regarding biafra war and the sitaion of refuges in igbo land so that they will find it meaningful and consider my situation as i claim to be a refuge. thanks and wait for ur swift reply Prosper