How Ibori was arrested; Ibori free on bail


Chief James Onanefe Ibori walked out of a Dubai court this morning on bail, after having been arrested on Wednesday. He was in a hotel room by 9pm Wednesday 12/4/10 when some agents walked into his room, introduced themselves as acting on behalf of Interpol, saying he was wanted in London. When Ibori asked why he was wanted in London, they said over credit card fraud. When Ibori replied

that he had not been to London since 2005, they modified the reason and said he was wanted for theft. So Ibori said that as they were not sure of the charge, he would not go with them to London. So they took him to a Police station instead. 

The following day, Thursday 13th May, he was taken to court where he was granted bail, and he was allowed to go free.

He has asked his supporters, aides, friends and political associates not to be unduly bothered about the ordeal he is going through as the rule of law is always there to protect any victim of persecution – “as I am presently being persecuted owing to my political belief”.

He has also accused his political enemies in Nigeria and their United Kingdom co-conspirators of declaring him wanted over charges that have not yet been made public just to influence the outcome of the case against some of his associates in a London court. “That case has gone on for months, and is on its final stretch now and judgement should be given within days. The Prosecution has since closed its case while the defence will make their closing statement on Friday 14/5/10. That is why both the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and their London Metropolitan Police collaborators have renewed their malicious legal battering against me for no reason whatsoever. It is on record that up till this moment, both agencies have not been able to categorically state the charges they have against me – whether individually or collectively”, he said. 

He asked his followers to take solace in that fact that those who denigrated his name by alleging that he was fleeing from the law, while he was actually under the protection of the Federal High Court Asaba ruling, will no longer make such a claim, because today, he walked out of a court on bail, his whereabouts not in doubt and no law officers on his trail. “Today, the question where is Ibori, has been laid to rest”. I am in Dubai and the world knows it,” he said.

According to a press statement signed by Ibori’s Media Assistant, Mr. Tony Eluemunor, Ibori was arrested on a United Kingdom warrant, which he said failed to give details of the crime for which he being looked for. Eluemunor reiterated that Ibori has not been extradited to anywhere but is still in Dubai according to the bail terms.


Tony Eluemunor 

Media Assistant to Chief James Onanefe Ibori.