I Am One of the Victims of Glo Exploitation.

Dear Editor,

I read your story, NCC – Save Our Souls from Glo World

I am also a subscriber to GLO Internet Services. This is my GLO Contract No: 08058206214I want to let you know that it is high time we all rose up and speak with one voice and say no to exploitation of GLO Communications.


I too did not enjoy their Internet Services. I paid and paid until I had to stop. It is just wasting of money. They shut me down on 3rd November, 2008 that I have outstanding of N7, 000 plus. GLO billed me for the full month of November 2008 that I have not completed using because they bill in advance. I wanted to come back online early this year, I called GLO Customer Care (help line 200), they told me that, I must clear the outstanding on my account and also pay for the new month. I asked about the remaining days in November 2008 that I have been billed. I requested to pay on the 3rd of the month so that it can reconcile my account and continue browsing but they said, I have forfeited that; I have to pay for another new month. That’s the way their billing works. Is this not exploitation? Why couldn’t I use the days I have left in the bill that I have paid for?

Lest I forget, I have N10, 000 security deposit with them. They owe me N10, 000. What are they doing with the security deposit of N10, 000 they collected from all of us before we could gain access to GLO Internet Services? This amounts to millions of Naira from subscribers that they don’t return to them after they leave GLO network. World over, security deposit is refundable but GLO does not  refund theirs.

I am a victim because since 3rd November that they shut me down, what have they done to my N10, 000 that is with them? This is outrageous. They must be stopped.

Multi-Links, MTN, ZAIN, ETISALAT etc. don’t collect security deposit from their Internet users.

Here in Lagos State, my friends and I have since left GLO for good. We have since switched over from GLO to other Internet providers and are encouraging.

In fact, this mail from Mr.Yinka Fadayomi is long overdue and at the same time I still want to thank you for this solo effort.

I read your mails and I can’t but weep. The stated facts are explicit and I felt sorry for all of you suffering under GLO imperialism and colonialism. I don’t have the facts that you have. These are enough facts to nail them. If I were you, I will seek redress in the court of law and demand for One Hundred Million Naira (N100, 000, 000) damages rather than reporting them to NCC.

I hope NCC will do something to help you all and alleviate your pains because GLO is highly connected and they can always have their way to the top. National Assembly and other Federal Agencies/Commissions ought to have stopped this exploitation long time ago but they allow the masses to roast in the hands of these Communication Providers because of some gratifications they get from them.

I know one day the masses will have a voice to challenge GLO Communications for exploiting them. I saw it coming then, and now it has come. You are our voice. This is the way, late Chief Gani Fawehinmi started. We are solidly behind you. Things won’t continue like this in Nigeria, it is a question of time. Nobody ever believed or dreamt that the Bank Chiefs could be sacked but today it is a reality.

Mr. Yinka, you don’t know how far this petition may go. What starts small now may ignite inferno that will cause revolution in the Communication Sector for the benefit of the masses. From 1 candle 10, 000 candles can take light.  Please, don’t relent in your struggle for the masses.

Let us know the next step you want to take probably we might be of assistance and mobilize other subscribers for you. You are our hope!

Once again, thank you very much for this letter of yours. It is timely and it is eye opener. You are God sent!

Good luck in your pursuit.

Yours faithfully,


Lagos Nigeria 

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