I Am Scared Of Marriage’ – ‘Tuface’ Dibia

Award winning musician, Innocent ‘Tuface’ dibia, has said that he is scared of settling down with any woman now, despite having five children from five women. “I Have Five Kids From Five Ladies, ‘I Am Scared Of Marriage’” He said.

Speaking with P.M.News, the African Queen hit maker, said he believes marriage is a blessed union and a lifetime institution where one needs to give his best and do everything possible for the family to grow, but right now, he said he is not set to cope with all the challenges of marriage that could distract him from achieving his aspirations as a musician.

Tuface said that he is scared of marriage because he does not reckon with failure, claiming that the institution and his musical career are two different things and right now, one (music) is calling for more attention than the other.

“People find it difficult to see things from my own point of view and that is because I am aware of failed marriages. I want to be successful in everything, including marriage and that is why I am taking my time to do it the right way. Music is calling for my attention right now. I don’t want to be a failure and with the situation of things, I have to be very careful about choosing a life partner. That is why I am scared of getting married.”

Idibia, however, declined to talk about his dream woman, but was quick to add that he still considers getting married to the ‘love’ of his heart some day.

“It may not be this year and not even now, but in the nearest future,” he enthused.

On the DNA test on all of his five children, the 32-year old singer said he had no intention of doing that.

“I believe children are the heritage of God and I have no reason to conduct a DNA. They are my kids,” he stressed.

— Olatunji Saliu