IBB; Corrupt people should NEVER rule over us again!

Since it has been established and accepted by all that corruption, mismanagement, maladministration, misapplication of justice, political insincerity, flagrant abuse of human rights, leadership ineptitude among others, are factors that impede, retard and inhibit our socio-political and economic advancement as a nation, I call on you, well-meaning youth of this great nation, to rise in challenge of anybody

who has ever been identified with any of the aforementioned vices, who intends to warm his way back into our political leadership. Any time I recall that Nigeria is still regarded as an underdeveloped nation, even in the midst of abundant human and natural resources, I ask why. In each of those times, I always cast my mind back in retrospect to think of how we got where we are today. Then, the following questions ensue:

Who has led the ship of state at what point in time (who had been the C-in-C)?

At what point did we deviate from the dreams of the founding fathers of this nation?

When did government stop having the interest of the majority at heart, rather, pursuing personal aggrandizement?

When did abuse of human right become such an issue that the International Community began to see us differently?

Which government brood, promoted and harbored financial gangsters who raped our dear nation and other nations, with government protection?

Which government killed voice of dissent, maimed our finest and sharpest minds?

Which period of our national life marked the beginning of the death of outrage?

Who made it a point of duty to silence and pursue to surrender or even crushing to death any media organization or individual that said the government was not doing well?

Who is the greatest enemy of humanity and humanities, according to the renowned Noble Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka?

Perhaps I was still a kid when all these took place or started, but one name always rang bell in these whole issues: Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (Rtd.)!!!!!

It’s on record that the Minna-born, self-styled maradona institutionalized what I refer to politico-economic corruption at all levels of our government. Remember the ‘you chop, I chop’ mantra that was invoke during those years? With that, our government led by this rogue of a man legalized public stealing. Since then, successive governments have tried to copy from him; but in the end, they all made a mockery of what happened during the IBB years.

To the glory of God of justice, the present GOJO government has promised to probe those 8 wasted years of IBB’s regime. He and his cronies are to answer questions on what they did with the total of $12.4 billion that accrued to Nigeria in those inglorious years. Perhaps, we may get justice this time.

In essence, I’m making a clarion call on you to stand up in defence of our defenceless, collective patrimony. Our advocacy for a truly reformed and re-branded Nigeria must not wither; we must not relent! Our campaign against those malfeasants, irrational, selfish, primitive and shallow-minded leaders like IBB should NEVER cease! It should continue to gather momentum until our common enemy is defeated and crushed!

I invite you to always write on the group wall, send messages periodically to members and most importantly, invite more of your friends to join this movement. If you meet any difficulty in doing any of these things, inbox me; so we can see how to solve it.

God bless Nigeria, make our leaders more reasonable and continue to prosper our youths (you included), in the way of truth, fairness and justice

I remain your humble servant and the parrot in God’s hand,

Okwenna Ifeanyi Hons